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ENARIS: Health minister among visitors to our stand as Enaris swamped with inquiries at first exhibition

Philip Dunne, Minister of State for Health, was among the visitors to the Enaris stand

ENARIS was inundated with inquiries at the Health Plus Care Show with our absorbent products proving very popular, especially for medical and care-home sectors.

And among the visitors to the stand was Philip Dunne, Minister of State for Health, who was impressed to see a UK manufacturer offering such a level of innovation.

The Health Plus Care show is tagged as the show ‘where innovation meets inspiration’ and was a chance for Enaris - the new name for Sirane Medical and Healthcare - to showcase products to a targeted audience – and also meet people interested in helping develop new products.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Enaris MD, said: “Philip Dunne was one of many visitors to our stand who left impressed by our product offerings and level of expertise. The Health Plus Care show in London proved to be a very successful first show for us.

“We had many enquiries for our absorbent floor mats – especially with them being anti-slip – as people saw their potential for use in a care-home environment. We also had lots of interest in our absorbent products for use as incontinence protection.

“We also had many other products on display, all of which generated interest.”

Product manufacturing, expertise and product development are the foundations on which Enaris is built, meaning Health Plus Care in London was a perfect match for us. Enaris was launched in March in a bid to take our expertise in absorbency and material science into the healthcare sector and develop a range of new products.

Health Plus Care took place at the ExCel Arena, London, from June 28-29, and is Europe’s largest integrated health and care event, with a range of seminars and conferences taking place in the same venue alongside the show.

The Health Plus Care show ended an exciting few months for Enaris – the new name for Sirane Medical & Healthcare - since its launch in March of this year.

Products manufactured by Enaris include anti-slip disposable absorbent floor mats used in NHS operating theatres, compliant specimen transportation packaging including 95 kPa bags, and products such as spill pads and incontinence sheets.

The anti-slip disposable absorbent floor mat was developed with the safety of the user in mind, and is used in operating theatre, scrub areas etc. It was designed to grip to the floor when wet, and can be thrown onto already wet surfaces.

The product is now available to purchase via the NHS Supply Chain.

Another product developed for use in operating theatres was the absorbent tourniquet knee/shoulder drape, developed with input and advice from surgeons.

The company has a diverse product range, with products also including Cellosene absorbent wadding, BenchSafe spillage protection, and DiffX non-chlorine disinfection. Enaris.co.uk is split up into six sectors: medical; lab; dental; care; emergency, and veterinary – to help customers easily find what they need.

James Hemmings is the Enaris National Sales Manager, while Jonathan Mason is Business Development Manager. For more information on any product, contact James Hemmings on 07483 984622 or Jonathan Mason on 07837 047648.

Alternatively, visit www.enaris.co.uk for more details on any product in our range.

Record-breaking final quarter caps a great 2013 for Sirane

THE busiest-ever three months in Sirane’s history have capped a great 2013, with the company already looking forward to 2014 and two planned product releases.

The packaging development and manufacturing company’s Telford production facility has been working flat out for months – as the orders rolled in during the run up to Christmas.

But this year Sirane reported a big difference compared to previous years – the huge spike was not just seasonal orders, but an underlying increase in general sales.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “What’s been fantastic this year has been the increased interest across the board. We always expect a sales spike in the run up to Christmas, but this year there’s been plenty more going on, it’s not just been a Christmas rush.

“New innovations are starting to take off, and we’ve put a lot of energy in the last 12 months into expanding our agent and distributor network internationally, which is bearing fruit.”

Innovations from 2013 include odour absorbent labels to tackle confinement odour – a common problem with vac-packed meat but the product found a more unique use when it solved the odour problem for one company who was packing hard-boiled eggs.

Sirane has also introduced the Sira-Cook Supreme oven and barbecue bag – a bag which recently went into production and could be the packaging innovation of 2014.

“The bag can be used on the barbecue, in an oven, on a hot-plate or griddle – so is very versatile,” said Simon Balderson, “but perhaps the biggest difference to anything else on the market is the fact that it can be heat-sealed. Not only is the bag very cost effective, but it offers the tantalising prospect of companies being able to sell BBQ ready meals.”

Other product innovations which established a market during 2013 include ethylene absorbent labels, bags for sous-vide and roasting in the same bag, and a new deli-bag range.

In addition, the company brought out its Thinking-Cooking range – a range of retail packs of steam-cooking bags, slow-cooker liners, roasting bags, fresh produce bags and more – allowing retailers to stock some of the company’s products for sale directly to the public.

2014 will see Sirane start with a bang, as two new developments are set to hit the market.

A revolutionary soft-fruit packaging solution will be released in time for the 2014 growing season – and it has the potential to make a major impact on the market worldwide.

Meanwhile, Sirane Medical & Healthcare – in partnership with IPS Ltd – will introduce BenchGuard Advanced, advanced spillage protection for protecting work surfaces.

Sirane’s Medical & Healthcare product portfolio was recently revamped and rebranded – and BenchGuard Advanced will be added to the range early in the new year.

Jonathan Mason, Sirane’s business development manager, said: “BenchGuard Advanced is quite simply BenchGuard - but even better. We've taken a popular product, and a well-respected name, and made it even better than before, and it is coming very soon.

“We’ve looked at the needs of customers, and the Advanced range fulfils all the needs. From small sheets up to large rolls, and options that allow the sheets to be fitted in place, the BenchGuard Advanced range is going to be a great addition to the market.”

Agents and distributors added during 2013 include Jifkins in Mexico, Millennium Packaging in the US, Sipack in Italy, Fispak in Ireland, AVI Global Plast in India and MTC-SO, Serbia.

“Some of our agents and distributors have had a great 2013,” said Simon Balderson, “in fact some of our biggest customers are now overseas. Packaging problems tend to be same the world over, and consequently an effective solution can be popular globally too.”

Sirane's international network is growing fast - and we're now actively seeking other companies who want to be a part of it. Although we'd be happy to hear from all four corners of the globe, Sirane is particularly interested to hear from anyone in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, South America or elsewhere in North America. For more information, email sales@sirane.com or contact our office in the UK on +44 1952 230055.

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