EARTH POUCH: Plastic-free recyclable stand-up food pouch

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Earthpouch plastic-free recyclable stand-up food pouch

The Earthpouch

Earthpouch is an environmentally-friendly stand-up pouch which is plastic-free and can be recycled. A paper with a 100% plastic-free heat-sealable coating is formed into the pouch, providing a grease, water and moisture barrier.

The award-winning Earthpouch is sustainable, as it is manufactured from a renewable material source. The pouch is recyclable as part of the paper stream, and is suitable for repulping.

There is an option to use natural water-based inks.

The Earthpouch was developed in order to offer a high-performing and yet cost-effective food packaging solution which is also environmentally-friendly.

The Earthpouch

  • 100% plastic free
  • Sustainable - manufactured from a renewable material source
  • Can also be recycled as part of paper stream
  • Grease, water & moisture resistant barrier
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging solution for dry and moist foods
  • Standard, barrier & high barrier versions available
  • Winner of the 2018 UK Packaging Awards 'Resource Efficient Pack of the Year' category
  • Winner of the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice
  • Third place in the Sustainable Packagaging category at the Sustainable Food Awards
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