Sandwich and bakery pads - Dri-Fresh® Eat-Fresh™

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Dri-Fresh® Eat-Fresh™ sandwich and bakery pads

Dri-Fresh® Eat-Fresh™

Sirane’s Dri-Fresh® Eat-Fresh™ sandwich pads consist of an attractively embossed absorbent material which when placed in a sandwich pack, absorbs the product moisture preventing pack fogging. This has the effect of enhancing the product appearance by providing good clarity through the packs’ display panel.

Dri-Fresh® Eat-Fresh™ pads can also be used for bakery products and snacks such as samosas and bhajis as a base liner to absorb any excess grease keeping the base of the food dry and firm.

Dri-Fresh® Eat-Fresh™

  • Absorbency level of 600cc/m2
  • Standard colour is white
  • Available to fit any pack size you require
  • Slit rolls also available for pre-padding
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