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Microwaveable dual-compartment cooking bag - Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™

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Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ microwaveable dual compartment steam cooking bags


Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™ allows food and sauces to be cooked to perfection in a microwave in a matter of minutes. Food and sauces are kept separate in the packaging, but once placed in the microwave the technology allows the sauces to slowly infuse with the fish or meat.

The result is perfectly cooked food ready in just the time needed to microwave it.

With Smart-Release the food is initially sealed in two compartments.When microwaved the central dividing seal is designed to rupture in a controlled way allowing mixing of the contents of the two compartments. A special vent in the main compartment then allows steam to be released.

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  • Cooks food to perfection in just a couple of minutes
  • Perfect for fish, meats and desserts plus sauces
  • Easy convenience food with the minimum of fuss but maximum taste
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Simply microwave and serve

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