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Sira-Flex Natural horti-pouch

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Sira-Flex natural horti-pouches


Sira-Flex® Natural Horti-Pouches are a waterproof kraft pouch or wrap suitable for the sale and transportation of bulbs and seeds, and for the sale of wild-flower bouquets.

Sira-Flex® Natural Horti-Pouches will assist in the prevention of moisture/mould growth in the packs, and offer a barrier - so will contribute to shelf-life extension.

They offer a high-level of tear-resistance, and combined with their attractive and natural-looking appearance this makes them perfect for this kind of application.

Bags are available in various sizes to suit all applications.


  • Waterproof pouch or bags suitable for sale or transportation of bulbs/seeds/wild flower
  • Helps prevent moisture/mould growth in pack
  • Barrier optimises the shelf-life of the content
  • High tear-resistance/li>
  • Attractive appearance
  • Various sizes are available to suit all applications
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