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Sira-Crisp™ Hot-Plate

Sira-Crisp microwave susceptor Hot-Plate

Sirane’s Sira-Crisp™ Hot-Plates are susceptor packaging that absorbs microwaves and radiates heat to enhance the crispiness of microwaved food. This process helps to prevent sogginess and provide crispy, appetising food.

The Sira-Crisp™ Hot-Plate is an advanced design, offering more heat than a standard susceptor product, and so achieving a ‘higher level of crispiness’.

Sira-Crisp™ Hot-Plates can be supplied printed to your design or we can design it for you. They can be made in numerous shapes and sizes to suit your packaging process. Whatever your requirements, we offer a complete service.

Sira-Crisp™ Hot-Plates are perfect for crisping the base of pizzas or pizza slices, pastries, sausage rolls and much more.

They are available in a variety of absorbencies, customised to suit the requirements of the product you are ‘crisping’.

Sira-Crisp™ Hot-Plates will retain heat, so they can be used to serve the food on and assist in keeping it warm.

  • Crisp up food fast in the microwave
  • More heat than standard susceptor, and so a ‘higher level of crispiness’ achieved
  • Ideal for forecourts and food-on-the-go
  • Also ideal for home users
  • Effective at crisping product bases
  • Retains heat, so can be used for serving
  • Controls excess moisture
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