• Sirane's Earth Packaging range - compostable, recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions
  • The Earthpouch - a compostable/recyclable stand-up food pouch
  • The Earthpouch can be recycled in the paper stream or composted
  • Earthpad - compostable absorbent pads for meat
  • Compostable absorbent pads for meat in a wide variety of absorbeny grades
  • Earthpad - compostable absorbent pads for fruit
  • Compostable absorbent pads for fruit in a wide variety of absorbeny grades
  • Earthfilms - compostable & breathable bags, films & liners
  • Compostable bags & films offering significant shelf-life extension for fresh produce
  • Earthboards - compostable presentation boards for smoked salmon
  • Compostable salmon boards for enhancing the appearance on the shelves
  • Earthpack - compostable water-retaining pouch for cut flowers in transit
  • Compostable flower pouches for fresh flowers
  • Earthwrap - protective cushioning wrap for rose stems
  • Compostable protective rose stem wraps protecting both the roase and the handler
  • Earthwrap - compostable films for wrapping fresh flowers
  • Compostable breathable films for wrapping fresh flowers
  • Earthpots - compostable plant pots
  • Compostable water-retaining plant pots
  • Earthmats - growing mats for cress, mustard, herbs etc.
  • EarthPackaging 1
    Natural material for growing herbs, cress, mustard etc. which is a replacement for peat-based products

    Earth Packaging

    SIRANE’S compostable Earth Packaging solutions can really help you boost your green credentials by cutting both packaging waste and food waste. Environmentally-friendly packaging is in the news at the moment, as is reducing food waste, but what if your packaging can actively help contribute to both goals. Products for packaging food and flowers/horticultural products available.


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