Nylon cooking bags

Nylon oven and microwave-ready packaging materials from Sirane. Sirane's range of nylon food packaging solutions includes a range of nylon cooking bags for roasting in the oven, sous-vide cooking, steaming in the microwave and more. Nylon cooking bags are perfect for roasting, meat, keeping the meat tender and stopping it drying out. Nylon cooking bags are perfect for whole roasting, chickens, turkeys, roast beef, roast lamb etc. Different grades available for different requirements. Our Siralon nylon material can be flow-wrapped, heat-sealed, printed, is strong and durable.... it is the perfect material for oven or microwave-ready packaging.Contact us today to find out how we can help your company.

Our nylon roasting bags are also available for home-users to buy direct - click here to see our Thinking-Cooking range

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