Compostable/water-proof plant pots (plastic-free)

EARTHBOARD RESOURCE: Compostable/water-proof plant pots (plastic-free)

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Earthboard Resolve compostable/water-proof plant pots (PLASTIC-FREE)

Plastic-free plant-pot solution

Earthboard Resolve plant pots are an environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic pots.

They are made from a special water-proof cardboard which is 100% recyclable, and 100% compostable. The board is weather-proof, and suitable for long-term outdoor use - but will then compost when placed in the right conditions.

The pots can be supplied either plain, with a range of colours available, or fully printed (subect to MOQs)

Earthboard Resolve plant pots are perfect for garden centres and growers who want to go green. Consumers can either recycle them, ‘plant them’, or compost them.

  • Made from special water-proof cardboard
  • Compostable
  • Can be supplied plain or custom-printed (subject to MOQs)
  • Recyclable
  • ‘Green’ alternative to plastic plant pots
  • Wide range of sizes available
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