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EARTHBOARDS RESOLVE: Compostable boards for smoked salmon

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Earthboard Resolve Smoked Salmon Boards


Our Earthboard Resolve Smoked Salmon Boards are perfect for enhancing the appearance of sales. Earthboard Resolve Smoked Salmon Boards are available in a range of colours.

They are grease-resistant rigid boards for fast & easy packaging.

Earthboard Resource Smoked Salmon Boards are both sustainable and compostable.

This product can be supplied with integrated absorbency

  • A new concept in salmon board packaging. Offering differentiated and custom packaging options to stand out from the crowd
  • Grease-resistant, rigid boards for fast and easy packaging and high quality product presentation
  • Enhanced product, presentation, product differentiation and added value
  • Sustainable & compostable
  • Option for integrated absorbency
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