ABSORBENCY: Absorbent packaging for both food and medical applications

Absorbency from Sirane - wide range of absorbent products

ABSORBENCY is a vital packaging requirement for many food and medical applications and Sirane supplies a wide range of varied absorbent solutions on a global basis.

Absorbent pads are used with meat, poultry, fruit, wet cheeses and seafood, and we can also supply oven-ready pads (also suitable for elevated temperature packing), fish crate liners and tray dividers – absorbency forms an integral part of our food packaging range.

But absorbency also forms a core packaging component in many medical & healthcare scenarios, in many instances a pad must be used to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations governing the transportation of potentially dangerous fluids.

And a wide range of absorbent products are also used in mortuaries.

With additional manufacturing now taking place in Poland, Russia and Mexico, and Sirane also now operating in Australia and South Africa, it really does not matter whereabouts in the world you are based, Sirane can help fulfil your absorbency requirements.

And if you’re looking for greener, more eco-friendly alternatives for your packaging, you’re also in the right place… Sirane’s unique paper-based Earthpad is going from strength to strength, while we can also supply compostable pads made using bio-materials.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Absorbency and absorbent products is one of Sirane’s major strengths, and the company manufactures a wide range of customised absorbent products.  We can supply all types of absorbency levels and types, including liquid, blood, odour and ethylene – you name it, and we have a solution for absorbing it.

“Our absorbent pads can be supplied with integrated odour control and anti-bacterial/anti-microbial or anti-fungal properties if required. We can offer a wide range of sizes, colours, absorbency levels and formats, and tailor our products to suit your exact needs – we’ll make what you need rather than just supply a set of standard products.

“Whether absorbency is used to help extend shelf-life or improve the appearance of the product, or a legal packaging requirement for medical samples, we are there to help.”

As a development company, Sirane is always looking to better what it has and further improve what we offer – our paper-based compostable absorbent pads for anyone looking to ‘go green’ are the most recent example of that ethos in practice.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sirane’s constantly evolving its product range, and we realised there was a definite need in the market for a compostable & recyclable pad solution.

“Our Earthpad Resource has been well received in the market – and will be the first of many new developments in this area. Sirane’s always been a solutions company, and this is a long-term solution for a product used in large quantities across the industry – the humble but often vital absorbent pad repackaged into a more environmentally friendly format.

“And, of course we’ve had a compostable Dri-Fresh Resolve pad in our range for a while.”

Other recent absorbent product developments include our Dri-Fresh ABM pads for meat and poultry which are impregnated with a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids that work together to extend shelf-life, and Dri-Fresh Soft-Hold pads for delicate soft-fruits –which are both absorbent and cushioned, offering the fruit much more protection.

We also supply absorbent Fat-Traps for oven-grills, and absorbent rotisserie liners.

In addition, we manufacture an anti-slip absorbent floor mat – sold mainly into medical and healthcare – and particularly into operating theatres and scrubs areas, where fluid is an issue. These mats are currently supplied into the NHS via NHS Supply Chain. However, recently we’ve also sold mats into food production facilities – for example cheese making plants, where wet floors are a problem in certain stages of the process.

Simon Balderson said: “Health and safety in the workplace is just as important in food production as it is in operation theatres, and anti-slip absorbent floor mats are a great solution for any working environment where fluid could become a hazard.

“If you’re needing absorbency, then Sirane is the market leader. If it can be done, we’re the company to make it happen, so why not give us the chance to help sort your problems?

For more information on any absorbent product in the food packaging sector, call Jeremy Haydn-Davies on +44 1952 230055 or email jeremy@sirane.com. We also have a digital guide, called The Sirane Guide to Absorbency & Absorbent Products.

Any medical and healthcare inquiries should be sent to anish.miah@sirane.com

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