Absorbency – the European market leaders

Absorbency is one of Sirane’s core strengths – we are the European market leaders. We have some of the best scientists in the UK with incredibly high levels of expertise in absorbent technology. Sirane is built on innovation.

We can create exactly the machine and the application you need, simply tell us the problem you have with your packaging and we will solve it.

Sirane’s food packaging, medical and healthcare, industrial and horticulture divisions are packed with absorbent products that might already be perfect. With in house manufacturing capabilities, we can turn around very large orders remarkably quickly.

But if you can’t see what you need, give us a call – we can probably help.

Sirane’s Dri-Fresh® range offers numerous absorbency products with solutions from raw produce through to on-the-shelf – Dri-Fresh® offers absorbent meat pads, absorbent seafood pads, absorbent fruit pads, you name it, Sirane has the solution.

Our Dri-Fresh® Resolve® range offers absorbent and compostable packaging for meat, with Sea-Fresh® offering a equivalent product for the fish and seafood industry. Dri-Fresh® products are perfect for transportation of meat, fish, seafood and fruit.

Our Fresh-Hold™ range contains odour absorbent pads suitable for packaging meat, fish, fruit and cheese. Our Supreme™ range offers products that are both absorbent and ovenable while Eat-Fresh™ products are suitable for sandwiches, pastries and salmon.

Dri-Fresh® products include absorbent pads (soaker pads), pads aiding shelf-life extension, odour absorbent pads, interleavers, compostable meat and fish pads, oven and grill liners and absorbent sheets for pastries etc. Dri-Fresh® has all the answers.

All products are offered in a range of sizes, colours and absorbencies.

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