Anti-microbial absorbent packaging for meat, poultry & seafood

ANTI-MICROBIAL absorbent packaging solutions for meat and seafood offering significant shelf-life extension will be a major focus for Sirane at Seafood Global and IFFA.

Sirane will exhibit in both Brussels and Frankfurt, and our new ABM/ABS solution is bound to create a stir at both shows, as it is an innovative means of achieving shelf-life extension.

Sirane’s new Dri-Fresh ABM pads for meat & poultry, and ABS pads for seafood contain a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids which work together to extend shelf-life. Together with the absorbency within the pad, they offer an outstanding level of protection.

The shelf-life extending technology can be supplied as standard absorbent pads or incorporated into any of our other pads including our odour-absorbing pads. The ABM/ABS technology is activated by moisture – so only functions when needed.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “We’ve been able to modify the technology and the solutions we have developed to cover differing markets and with meat, fish and particularly with poultry, reducing microbes and bacteria can be hugely beneficial.

“These benefits are not only the physical appearance and extended shelf-life of the product, they can also be enhanced food safety, again particularly relevant to the poultry market.

“The combination of flavonoids which are anti-oxidants and anti-microbial, with organic acids including citric acid and ascorbic acids is harmless, as all elements are found naturally within fruit. It is clean, simple, and effective. Nature itself often has the answers.

 “People have tried, and failed, in the past, to make anti-microbial packaging… but the major difference here is the method of delivery. With the anti-microbial integrated into the pad, and activated only when needed, it gets efficiently to the heart of the problem.

“This complements our existing shelf-life extending technologies, including odour-absorbing pads, absorbent cushioned pads, anti-fungal pads, ethylene-absorbing pads and labels and more – and ABM/ABS it is a perfect packaging solution for poultry and seafood.”

Sirane offers a number of absorbent product for the meat, poultry and seafood markets which can offer significant shelf-life extension. These include odour absorbing pads which can reduce store returns caused by confinement odour in vac-packed meat – a harmless build-up of odour which causes consumers to wrongly believe that meat is off.

Absorbent pads for meat, seafood and poultry from Sirane are available in a range of sizes, colours and different levels of absorbency, and as cut pads or slit rolls.

Other food packaging areas which will be on show at the two exhibitions include oven/microwave cooking solutions, including steam-cooking bags, nylon roasting bag materials, oven/BBQ bags and multi-compartment steam-cooking bags.

Our range of cooking bags can be used in many ways, including pre-packed ready meals, over-the-counter, grab and go and more. We even offer them in retail packs to sell.

“Sirane’s a manufacturing company,” said Simon Balderson, “but we’re also a development company. We thrive on a challenge, we like to make things that other people can’t. We’re happy to talk to people looking for a company to take on a development project.

“ABM and ABS absorbent pads are the most recent in a long-list of food packaging developments that have made a tangible difference to shelf-life issues.

“If you’ve got a problem within your packaging, or want an ovenable or microwaveable packaging solution, Sirane’s the company that can help you achieve your goals.”

Seafood Global runs from April 26-28 in Brussels – Sirane can be found at Stand 4-5803. IFFA runs from May 7-12, and Sirane’s stand is in Hall 4.1, Stand H39. For more information on any product, or to make an appointment at the show, email jeremy@sirane.comAlternatively, call our office in Telford, Shropshire – 01952 230055.

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