Anti-microbial absorbent packaging for meat & poultry, seafood & fruit

Anti-microbial absorbent pads for meat, seafood & fruit

ANTI-MICROBIAL absorbent packaging – Sirane’s major product launch for 2016 – is a highly effective way of giving additional shelf-life to meat, seafood and delicate soft-fruits.

Sirane’s new AB technology – ABM for meat, ABS for seafood and ABV for fruit – contains a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids which work together to extend shelf-life. Together with the inherent absorbency already offered within the pads, they offer an outstanding level of protection and significant shelf-life extension.

The technology can be supplied as standard absorbent pads or incorporated into many of our other pads including our standard absorbent meat pads, compostable pads, absorbent cushioned pads for soft-fruits, and even in to our absorbent ovenable dividers.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “There are obvious differences between meat, poultry, fish and fruit, in terms of the way they degrade and what causes the degradation to happen; the main thing in common is that slowing down the degradation would be beneficial.

“However, there are also similarities meaning we’ve been able to modify the technology and the solutions we have developed to cover differing markets. Soft-fruit, with little in the way of protective skin, is vulnerable to fungal and bacterial degradation. Similarly, with meat, fish and seafood, reducing microbes and bacteria can be hugely beneficial and help to increase the shelf-life of the product, having a very positive impact on profitability.

“So by adjusting the blend of fruit-based extracts, depending on what product we’re trying to slow down the degradation with, the same concept works with all food three sectors.

“Our AB product is not a single pad – it is a process which can be applied to numerous absorbent products within our range, including absorbent pads for meat, seafood or fruit. That absorbent pad is then used as the means of delivering anti-microbial technology.

“With seafood in particular, things such as listeria can be a huge problem. Similarly with poultry, salmonella and Campylobacter in particular can be a problem. The benefits with ABS/M are not only the physical appearance and extended shelf-life of the product, they can also be enhanced food safety particularly with the seafood and poultry industry.

“The combination of flavonoids which are anti-oxidants and anti-microbial, with organic acids including citric acid and ascorbic acids is harmless, as all elements are found naturally within fruit. It is clean, simple, and effective. Nature itself often has the answers.

“People have tried, and failed, in the past, to make anti-microbial packaging… but the major difference here is the method of delivery. With the anti-microbial integrated into the pad, and activated only when needed, it gets efficiently to the heart of the problem.

“We often get asked the question, ‘how much more extra shelf-life will I get?’ We try to avoid making claims, it will depend on your own individual set-up, own supply chain conditions. But we have had very impressive results, often two to three additional days or even more.”

If you would like to run a trial using AB technology, please get in touch. For more information, visit or email Contact 01952 230055.

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