AWARDS: Earthpouch quad pack for coffee makes finals of Australian packaging design awards

Sustainable and recyclable coffee bags from Sirane

A RECYLABLE paper-based quad-pack for freshly roasted coffee beans from Sirane is a finalist in prestigious sustainable packaging design awards in Australia.

Our partners in Australia, TCL Hofmann, entered the Mikro Coffee Roasters quad-pack in the PIDA Awards, entering both the Sustainable Packaging Design and Food categories – and now it has been announced as a finalist in the food category.

The Mikro Coffee Roasters pack uses our recyclable, heat-sealable paper film – Earthfilm – made into a fully branded coffee bag, to pack their high-end coffee product.

In their entry, TCL Hofmann wrote: “What makes the packaging solution unique, is the reduction and removal of what was traditionally thought of as a requirement in the coffee industry, which is both the non-recyclable zip-lock and one-way valves. The well-considered and developed bio-polymer technology releases the carbon-dioxide that the beans emit after roasting and subdues the aroma and flavour profiles of the roasted blend within the pack.

“Effectively, the Earthpouch packaging solution can be re-used as a container or transportation vessel. By improvising and creating “dead-folds/rolls” along the top of the pack within the paper-substrate, consumers are then essentially “locking” in the freshness without the need for clips, zip-locks and labels which reduces waste and increases its re-usability. This is a testament to the technology within the coated fibres.

“Given that the product is 100% virgin fibre and printed using only water-based inks, it is conveniently targeted to its market as a “fully kerbside recyclable” packaging solution, one that does not jeopardise shelf-life and tasting notes or profiles in the coffee blends.”

Our Earthpouch is a paper-based heat-sealable pouch with an aqueous barrier coating. The pouch is plastic-free and is recyclable in the paper recycling stream. Formats available include stand-up pouches, flat-3-side-seal pouches, and quad-packs.

The pouches are suitable for a range of food and non-food products, including tea, coffee, confectionery, vitamins and supplements, pet treats and much more.

Mikro Coffee Roasters are one of a number of coffee roasters using our eco coffee bags.

Pouches can be supplied plain or custom printed, and all printing is done using water-based inks. The Mikro pouch also makes used of “satin metallic” printing on paper.

TCL Hofmann’s entry added: “Its unique composition of coated biopolymers, provide elevated levels of grease, oxygen and moisture barrier properties and it is printed using water-based inks. The improved technology and printing capabilities of Sirane with the Mikro Coffee Earthpouch demonstrates how water-based inks can be applied as a “satin metallic” finish – one that is typically not associated with paper printed substrates.

“The print quality exudes a “premium quality” feel and look which enhances the rarity of the micro-lot blends that Mikro Coffee offers to high end consumers.”

Coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), the Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards are designed to recognise companies and individuals making a significant difference in their field in Australia and New Zealand.

Peter Ralten, Sirane commercial & business development director, said: “The Mikro Coffee Roasters pouch is a great pouch, both from a sustainable sense and visually. It’s a fully paper recyclable pouch which looks great and is free of any plastics.

“I think they have a great chance of winning both awards, they would be well deserved – and having made the finals, everyone at Sirane has got their fingers crossed. There is some great competition, but we know that the Earthpouch is a great product.”

The winners of the 2023 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards will be announced on March 28 at the Crown Promenade, Melbourne, Victoria.

The awards will be held as part of the 2023 AIP Australasian Packaging Conference and designed to deliver a two-day educational program that will cover a broad range of topics relating to the theme 2025 & BEYOND (i.e.2025 National Packaging Targets).

  • 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • 70% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted.
  • 50% of average recycled content included in packaging (revised from 30% in 2020).
  • The phase out of problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics packaging.

The conference cover topics such as refusal, reduction, reuse, recycle and circularity. The speakers will look at “what the industry needs to do to design out waste, eliminate problematic materials, reduce single use plastic and ensure that we are capable of collecting, sorting, recovering and recycling all the materials and packaging formats in Australia and NZ”.

Sirane is based in the UK (Telford, Shropshire) and we recently opened an additional site in Grand Prairie, Texas, offering pouch conversion (including Earthpouch).

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