BAGS, POUCHES & FILMS: Retort pouch shortages – Sirane can help

Sirane is a UK manufacturer of retort pouches

SIRANE can manufacture a wide range of retort packaging – the lack of supply of which is behind recent shortages of pet foods in the UK.

Retort pouches – used in commercial sterilisation chambers where a long shelf-life is needed – is commonly used for products such as pet food, soups, sauces, seafood, and much, much more.

Pet food packed in retort pouches seems to be a big problem.

Sainsbury’s earlier this week apologised to customers and seemed to suggest the problem lies with a lack of pouches in the UK – and that they believed the problem would last all year.

Morrisons has reported it might not have “full availability for several months”, but said it had enough stock for customers. Waitrose is also running low, while Tesco has seen strong demand.

Peter Ralten, Sirane’s head of specialist packaging, said: “We believe Sirane is now the only UK manufacturer of retort packaging left.

“This is an issue which will be not only affecting supermarkets, but also smaller producers, and industries other than pet food – even if a rise in pet ownership is partly responsible, it will have knock-on effects that will be causing, or about to cause, shortages elsewhere.

“As the only UK-based retort pouch manufacturer, we are in a unique position to help, whether it is in the long or short-term.”

Options include: tear notch for single-use packaging, rounded corners, & Euroslots.  The print options we provide include wide web flexo. This means that we can cater for very short runs and long runs.

We can offer a range of different material combinations including….


Retort pouches are not the only pouches Sirane manufactures.

As a company, Sirane can also offer a wide range of pouch formats – including pillow packs, stand-up, flat pouches, quad-seal and more.

Sirane’s pouches offer includes:

Flat pouches/3-side seal pouches – a basic pouch that lies flat
Pillow-packs – also known as centre-seal pouches
Quad-seal pouches – generally used for heavier products
Retort pouches – used in commercial sterilisation
Stand-up pouches – free-standing packaging pouches
Plastic-free pouches – made from our unique Earthfilm

Sirane recently made a million-pound plus investment by expanding into a new unit that also saw the installation of an environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art water-based printing press.

The printing operation is, we believe, the first in the UK to operate using solely water-based printing – meaning there is no solvents to be disposed of after printing, and no harmful emissions.

Sirane has four main divisions: food packaging; medical & healthcare; horticultural and industrial. The company is based in Telford, Shropshire, with two additional sites in the UK, plus additional manufacturing in Guadalajara (Mexico), and Moscow (Russia).

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