Barbecue bags and ‘bubble pad’ for the IFE

A ‘BUBBLE pad’ for protecting soft fruit and a barbecue bag will be among Sirane’s new innovations on show at a major food show in the capital later this month.

IFE in London later this month follows 12 months of expansion which has seen a new manufacturing facility open in Turkey and Sirane’s Middle Eastern and Southern African offices opened for business, along with a number of new agents being taken on.

Sirane is the leading packaging development-to-manufacture company in Europe, with a high level of expertise in areas including shelf-life and absorbency.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director for food packaging, said: “We’ll be taking our full product range to IFE this year, from absorbent meat pads to innovative cooking bags, shelf-life extending bags to susceptors. Some of our more eye-catching recent innovations will also be shown, including Soft-hold, a ‘bubble pad’ for protecting soft fruit.

“Soft-hold is a brand new product for Sirane which combines absorbency with cushioning, with ethylene absorbency and anti-fungal treatment also available. Feedback from Fruit Logistica in Berlin earlier this year was very positive – soft fruit packers loved it.

“IFE will also see the launch of our new barbecue bag. The Sira-Cook Barbecue Bag is also ovenable – with might be an advantage with the unreliable British climate – and allows a product and sauce to be thrown on the barbecue. Simple product, stunning taste.

“Imagine a retailer being able to sell a steak with a sauce inside a bag that the user will be able to cook directly on a barbecue – that’s what the Barbecue Bag will offer.”

The International Food and Drink Event (IFE) is held at the ExCeL Arena from March 17-20.

Meat pads on show will include Dri-FreshTM Fresh-HoldTM, a pad which led to a 9% drop in returns at one UK supermarket having solved the problem of containment odour in vac-packed meat. Other pads will include absorbent pads for meat, seafood and fruit.

Another product on show will be Sira-FlexTM Resolve® – a film with incredible shelf-life extending properties which has caused a bit of a global stir. The film, also available in a bag format, has been shown to add five days or more additional shelf-life to some fresh produce.

Sira-FlexTM Resolve® is made from a natural bio-polymer – so is fully bio-degradable. The film’s astonishing qualities mean it self-regulates the conditions inside the pack. The perfect atmosphere is maintained inside the pack even if the storage temperature is variable.

MD Simon Balderson said: “Shelf-life extension is the holy grail for the fruit and vegetable industry. A huge amount of food is wasted because it goes off before it is eaten.

“This is a big issue in the Middle East, where the extreme heat makes it harder to keep produce fresh. Using this film could reduce the amount of food waste and reduce costs. We can make it more likely that the consumer will get a quality product in great condition.”

Sirane also produces a growing range of cooking bags, which are perfect for cooking meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit-based desserts in a conventional oven or a microwave.

These bags include Sira-CookTM Self-SealTM, Smart-Release and the Si-bagTM.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, director of sales for food packaging, said: “We’re finding interest increasing in cooking bags.  The bags are great products, which have so many uses – straight-to oven or microwave food doesn’t have to sacrifice on flavours.

“The cooking bags retain all the flavours, and allow people to cook quickly and easily with fresh ingredients. They are great for over-the-counter retail, allowing customers to take home packaging which simply needs cooking. We also have our Smart-ReleaseTM, a dual-compartment bag which allows for perfect infusion of sauce and ingredients.

“Finally, Sirane’s Self-Seal bag won a top award in the UK last year – best innovation at the Fish & Supermarket Awards 2012 having been entered by Asda, proof it is great product.”

Email or call +44 1952 230055 for an appointment. Sirane is at Stand N3256.

Sirane is a highly innovative packaging product development-to-manufacture company based in Telford, Shropshire. It has four divisions: food packaging; medical and healthcare; industrial and horticultural. Specialisms include absorbency and cooking bags. 

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