BBQs and basking in the Bournemouth beach heat

So, the sun’s out. Finally. The long despressing winter-that-was had seemed to have an aura of indefiniteness about it. I was starting to feel like the penguins in the huddle at the start of Happy Feet, unable to imagine being warm or when it all might end. But end it did – and we’re promised, so I believe, a good summer.

Now, partly because I used to work as a journalist, I’ve learnt never to believe what I read in the papers. Particularly certain newspaper who are obsessed with the weather, rolling out a picture of a scantily-clad someone eating an ice cream on the beach at Bournemouth every time the temperature tops 25 degrees.

The same newspapers will predict the ‘storm of the century’ or ‘snow chaos’ with alarming regularity. It rarely happens, it’s just a bit windy. And so if the same newspaper says it is going to be a nice summer, well, it means it might be, it might not be – no-one really knows as it still months away. Yes, I am right to be cynical.

Still, the point I was going to make is that every time that press photographer makes his annual pilgrimage to Bournemouth beach in search of a photogenic girl in a bikini eating a Magnum, about the same time Britain en masse heads out and gets a few packs of sausages, a few firelighters, and wheels the BBQ out of the garage.

Which all goes to say Sirane’s new BBQ bag could be good news for may people. I’ll get in trouble for calling it a BBQ bag, also it can also be used in the oven, but to me it is a BBQ bag – as that’s what I will use it for. The concept of these bags is simple; you put your ingredients, be it fish, poultry, steak, vegetables etc, in the bag. You fold it over twice. And you chuck it on the BBQ. You can place it carefully if you prefer. Sauces, glazes, marinades etc can be added to the leak-proof bag.

We’re also bringing out a self-seal version, meaning your local supermarket, butcher or farm-shop can sell you the bag, ready-filled, over the counter. All you’ve got to do is go home and get the damn thing lit and smouldering. So, good barbecuers of the UK, enjoy our new bags – we love them.


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