Board Products

SIRANE recently acquired Olympic Varnish, a coater and converter of board products based near Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Olympic is a highly-respected and successful manufacturer of board products supplying the bakery, fish and cake industries among others. They have specialised board processing equipment and are highly skilled in board processing operations. Key products include Salmon boards, Cake boards, U-cards, sleeves and sandwich boards.

We can now offer a wide range of board products. Any size, variety of microns (thicknesses), coated and uncoated, PE-coated, plastic-free & compostable. Circular and square/rectangular. Ovenable available. Other products include cake collars, pizza boards and tabbed cake boards for the patisserie market.

Much more information on their varied product range will be available soon – but in the meantime they can be contacted on 01453 883164.

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