CAD TABLE: Investment in equipment significant boost for our board division

Sirane has invested in a new CAD table as part of the expansion of our board division

SIRANE has invested in a new CAD table as part of our expansion of our board division – meaning we can offer a tailored design service.

The investment has seen a new ESKO Kongsberg table, and the latest ESKO design software with 3D capabilities, installed on site.

Earlier this year Ross Griffin joined Sirane as board innovation specialist, while Cory Griffin joined as a 3D structural engineer.

Ross said: “With the CAD table now in place, customers can now see 3D visuals of proposed designs before seeing a physical sample, meaning any amends can be made without losing days of sending samples out, waiting for feedback, tweaking, and sending out again.

“We will be able to cut and crease all our materials in house, for a quick turnaround with a tailored design service for customers.

“With access to the CAD table, it will help us with research and development – we’re constantly innovating using new materials and coatings to product the next generation of plastic-free packaging.

Board, combined with some amazing coatings, can do some very impressive things, and we can really get creative with this.”

Ross said Sirane’s board division will be challenged to keep coming up with new ideas and think creatively, looking to design applications and better solutions to meet consumer market requirements.

We will also be able to offer products such as SRPs, and other commonly-used packaging formats, as well as packaging for e-commerce.

With laboratory facilities, 3D CAD software and sample cutting facilities now in place at Telford, our board division – which was significantly expanded in February following the acquisition of a UK-based board converter – is now fully set up to offer exceptional service.

Olympic Packaging – now known as Sirane Stroud – is a highly respected and successful manufacturer of board products, based in Gloucstershire, supplying the bakery, fish and cake industries among others.

Stroud has specialised board processing equipment and the team is highly skilled in board processing operations. Key products include salmon boards, cake boards, patisserie board and U-cards/J-cards.

The acquisition of Olympic, and the expansion of the board division team, means Sirane is now able to supply packaging across three core areas: absorbency; bags, pouches & films, and board.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Our new board division, and the recruitment of Ross and Cory, is the latest step in strengthening Sirane’s position as the world’s leading packaging innovation company.

“With the CAD table now in place and very much up and running, we are in a great position to really expand the division, expand our product range, and expand our level of innovation yet further.

“With absorbency, bags, pouches & films, and board, we’re able to offer the whole packaging range, and combine expertise in the different areas of the business to create some amazing packaging solutions.

“We’re in a unique position to be able to offer expertise across a wide range of materials, meaning we will be able to offer solutions other people can’t, and think in a truly innovative way.”

Sirane has four main divisions: food packaging; medical & healthcare; horticultural and industrial. The company is based in Telford, Shropshire, with two additional sites in the UK, plus additional manufacturing in Guadalajara (Mexico), and Moscow (Russia).

PICTURED, FROM LEFT: Simon Balderson, Ross Griffin and Cory Griffin.

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