Case study – active pouches for safe disposal of cancer relief drug

Active pouches - an Enaris development

IN conjunction with Archimedes Pharma, Enaris – at the time known as Sirane Medical & Healthcare – developed the world’s first active pouch for the safe disposal of the cancer relief drug Lazanda®.

The Safe-Hold™ adsorbent pouch uses a blend of absorbent materials and activated carbon cloth to ensure that the chemicals used in the drug can be safely immobilised. The design is simple yet effective at rendering an opioid immobile when primed into the pouch.  

Please take a look at the product in use here at 


Absorb 4ml of liquid
Adsorb up to 4 priming pumps from the dispenser
Tolerance of no more than +/- 0.2mm
Sealed closure


Developed a unique combination of Film, Absorbent & Adsorbent Activated Carbon Cloth
Identified a method of laminating the materials together without losing performance
Designed and built a complete new machine to cut, fold, register-to-print, laminate and apply tape to the pouch.
In-line Vision system to monitor tolerances to +/- 0.2mm

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