Case study – theatre mats prevent costly slips

Absorbent anti-slip floor mats

ENARIS – at the time Sirane Medical & Healthcare – was asked to find a solution to a problem within hospitals – namely preventing accidents caused by staff falling in operating theatres on slippy floors.

Our Theatre Mats were developed as a solution to this problem, a problem which was proving very costly for hospitals if senior members of staff were put out action for long periods of time.

In this instance we used our expertise in absorbency to develop a mat that would be non-slip while at the same time absorbing fluid from both the top and underneath.

The range has since been developed to include a number of different sizes and two different levels of absorbency – and is currently sold into the NHS via Supply Chain.


Absorb at least 3 litres of water per square metre
Comfortable to stand on for the user
Eliminate risk of slipping during surgery
Easy to use, easy to dispose of


Developed a solution using an anti-slip base layer with unique valve perforations, allowing fluid one-way only
The valves mean the mat can be thrown onto an already-wet floor
Top layer of absorbent material has a breathable film, preventing scuffing and disintegration

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