Case study – thermally-insulated bag with multiple compartments

Thermally-insulated bags with multiple compartments

OUR bags and pouches team was asked to develop a product which was for the transportation of placentas, which were frozen, and needed to be kept that way during transportation to permanent storage facilities. The bag needed to have two compartments within, each of which was capable of being sealed independently. The team developed a method of manufacture which created two ‘bags within a bag’, each of which had its own seal. Additional insulation could be added to this bag, should the contents need to be kept colder for longer.


Thermally-insulated bag for transporting frozen items
Needed to have two compartments inside
Compartments had to be capable of being sealed independently
Custom print on outside of bag


Developed a method of manufacturing the bag so that it formed two independent pouches within the inside, each of which could be sealed independently
The outside layer of the bag offered thermal insulation, keeping the contents cold
Additional insulation could be added to a bag like this

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