Christmas made easy – non-stick cooking bag for poultry


AN innovative packaging company has finally solved one of the biggest problems with cooking chicken or turkey – just in time for the Christmas rush.

Cooking poultry in a bag can reduce cooking times significantly, stops the meat drying out and crisps the bird beautifully – but the skin sticks to the bag.

Well not any more. Sirane has finally solved the problem – a bag that won’t normally stick.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Sirane’s sales director for food packaging, said: “This is terrific news for the poultry industry and consumers and we anticipate a huge level of interest.

“This is a huge step in the ability to cook chicken or turkey in the oven in a bag. Without a bag it is easy to cook a dry turkey, in a bag the bird is prone to sticking to the bag.

“But we’ve solved this problem. Retailers can sell the bird in our ovenable bag which will leave the customers with a juicy, crisp bird cooked to perfection – and it shouldn’t stick.”

“Not only that, but the cooking time is reduced – great for Christmas dinner.”

Sira-CookTM PA is a unique packaging solution for meat, fish and poultry which allows food to be packed, shipped, retailed and cooked in the same package. The material absorbs the fat released during cooking, ensuring crisp, clean food.

Bags can also be used for chickens and other large joints of meat.

The bags allow the food to be cooked in its own juices for added succulency. The food can be cooked without the need for a baking tray, and the oven remains clean.

Bags can be produced in a variety of sizes – and a retail pack will be also made available, allowing customers to simply buy a pack of bags for use with birds bought separately.

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specialises in areas including absorbency and ovenable/microwaveable products, compostable packaging, films, boards, pads, and much more.


Packaging Europe – Christmas dinner problems solved with Sirane

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