COMING SOON: A soft-fruit packaging revolution

Coming soon: a soft-fruit packaging revolution

A soft-fruit packaging revolution is coming… courtesy of Sirane.

In early 2014 will launch a product that will change the way soft-fruit is packed worldwide. We’ve worked with retailers, packers and growers to understand the problems they encounter in packaging soft-fruit and getting to to store – and after extensive trials we’re about to launch a solution.

Sirane MD, Simon Balderson, said: “Soft-fruit, namely berries, are the most delicate of all the fruits. They suffer the most damage during packing, transportation and retail. And of course damaged fruit has to be either discounted or not sold at all – which costs people throughout the supply chain a lot of money every year.

“These berries are often travelling huge distances before they reach the shelf – and they need the best possible chance. Our new packaging solution will give them that chance.

“Watch this space – in just a few weeks we’ll be sharing the solution that will revolutionise the way soft-fruit is packaged globally.”

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