E-COMMERCE: High barrier Earthpouches added to Field & Fare

High barrier Earthpouches - plastic-free and recyclable

HIGH barrier Earthpouches have been added to our Field & Fare site – allowing customers to buy boxes of 1,000 units in either white or brown Kraft.

High barrier pouches are particularly good for products such as tea and coffee, and any other products which are particularly sensitive to oxygen/moisture, including milk chocolate confectionery, nuts, dried fruit snacks, and protein powders.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Field & Fare has had a strong start, and we’ve begun adding additional items following feedback from customers.

“There’s been a lot of interest in the high barrier pouches, and so we decided to add them as a stock item in the two colours available – white and brown Kraft.”

Our new e-commerce site Field & Fare has a particular focus on environmentally-friendly packaging solutions – and a range of other products are also available.

Products offered include our Earthboard salmon boards/meat boards, and cake boards – in both cases, they are recyclable and plastic-free.

We’ve also added environmental solutions for horticulture, including plastic-free tree guards, and our compostable flower pouches in three different colours.

And we’ll shortly be adding our new plastic-free sandwich packs in two sizes – fitting 2 and 3 sandwiches – watch this space for more information.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Field & Fare offers some great eco-friendly packaging solutions, but makes it accessible to smaller farm-shops, delis etc, and to start-ups…. and, as seen with the high barrier Earthpouch, new products will be added as we go along – with sandwich skillets next on our list.

“We’ve already had a strong start, with plenty of orders already shipped out. We’ve also added the facility to order samples of some of our eco-friendly solutions.”

For more information, visit www.fieldandfare.co.uk

Sirane is an innovative packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products.

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