EARTH PACKAGING: Earthcarrier to be launched at Packaging Innovations

Twisted-handle recyclable paper grab bags

THE Earthcarrier – a sustainable paper-based alternative to a carrier bag which can be supplied with high-quality printed graphics – has been added to our range.

The block-bottomed bags – also known as paper grab bags – can be supplied either with or without a twisted paper handle and samples of this eco-friendly alternative to a carrier bag will be available at Packaging Innovations in London next week.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “The Earthcarrier is a fabulous alternative to a plastic bag, especially for anyone looking for a high-end bag. We can offer high quality printed graphics, with relatively short print runs.

“These bags offer excellent branding opportunity, with plenty of space to get your message across, and are reusable many times. When the bags reach the end of their useful life, they can then be easily recycled in any paper recycling stream.”

The Earthcarrier can be supplied with a water-resistant coating and/or with extra-strength paper, which further enhances its useful life.

Sirane will also be showing off our plastic-free, recyclable sandwich packs – Earthwedge – which have been shortlisted for an innovation award at the show.

The Earthwedge is a sustainable replacement to the PE-coated and laminated packs which flood the nation’s waste bins and recycling centres every day – the vast majority of which cannot be recycled and end up in landfill.

The Earthwedge has already won two awards – an environmental award in the Sammies and a Sustainable Food Award for sustainable packaging.

Many of our recent developments have been in the sustainable packaging sector, and we’ll be focusing the show mainly on our Earth Packaging range.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “It’s been a while since we’ve been able to present some of our more innovative packaging solutions at a show like this, so we’re really looking forward to getting the team down to London for this one.

“Sirane’s a company that rarely stands still, so we’ve got lots to show, and we know there’ll be plenty of interest in this type of packaging. The move to sustainability is happening, and Sirane’s the sort of company that can make it happen.”

Sirane’s range of plastic-free packaging solutions also includes our paper-based stand-up pouches, Earthpouch, and paper-based flow-wrap film Earthfilm. We also offer both compostable and paper-based absorbent pads, and products such as compostable cling-film compostable shrink-film for fresh produce and bio-films.

Recent developments within our Earthpouch range have seen quad packs added to the range of available formats – something we were regularly asked for.

In addition, Sirane offers a range of board-based products. Many of our other board products, including cake boards, patisserie boards, pizza boards, etc, can be offered using eco-friendly coatings which mean the products can be recycled.

However, plastic-free is just not possible in every scenario…. and Sirane offers traditional flexible packaging materials which are at least recyclable.

Sirane’s RePEat range will also be on show – RePEat offers recyclable PE-based products, including stand-up pouches, vacuum bags, flow-wrap film, and thermally-insulated bags. RePEat is recyclable within any LDPE recycling stream.

And of course we offer a wide range of other packaging materials people are already familiar with – absorbency, ovenable/microwaveable cooking bags, susceptor and more – and you’re more than welcome to ask about any of them…

Sirane can be found at stand B64. For more information on Packaging Innovations London – Dec 1-2, 2021 –  visit

For anyone who can’t make London, we’ll also be exhibiting at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham from February 16-17 next year.

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