EARTH PACKAGING: Recyclable cushioned absorbent pad on show at Plastic Waste Free World

Recyclable paper-based cushioned absorbent pad

A RECYCLABLE paper-based cushioned absorbent pad for soft fruit is among the latest developments Sirane will show at a trade event this week.

Sirane is exhibiting at Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo in Cologne in November – where we will focus on our sustainable packaging solutions.

And our new Earthpad Soft-Hold will be available to see at our booth – a paper-recyclable absorbent cushioned pad perfect for berries.

“Our existing Soft-Hold pad has always been popular for soft and delicate fruits, particularly raspberries and blackberries but also strawberries,” said Karl Heggarty, head of global sales. “The Earthpad Soft-Hold pad is a sustainable, eco-friendly paper recyclable version of this absorbent pad.”

We can also offer a range of regular recyclable absorbent Earthpads, as well as a range of compostable absorbent pads – with applications in meat & poultry packaging, seafood/fish packaging and fruit packaging.

Other highlights include our Earthpouch Duo – a plastic-free stand-up pouch with a window – which is one of our more recent developments.

Peter Ralten, chief commercial officer, said: “Earth Packaging has been very well received at the Plastic-Waste Free World in the past, and I have no doubt that this year there’ll be strong interest in our packaging.

“Sirane’s constantly innovating and moving forwards, and the Earthpouch Duo is a great example of that. While customers loved our plastic-free Earthpouch, we were regularly asked whether a window was possible?

“In a paper-barrier pouch, this was a challenge – but one we rose to.”

Everything in our Earth Packaging range is either compostable or recyclable and is either paper-based, board-based or bio-material-based.

Our range includes our plastic-free recyclable barrier pouches – Earthpouch, and our plastic-free recyclable barrier film for flow-wrap – Earthfilm.

Within the last year we’ve added plastic-free quad-packs to the range and have also added an ovenable version – Earthpouch Supreme.

However, plastic-free won’t work for everyone – and we can also offer a range of recyclable plastics, which are our RePEat range. These materials can all be recycled as part of the PE recycling stream.

Our RePEat range includes our new spouted pouches, which we showed at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham earlier this year for the first time.

Other RePEat formats include vacuum pouches and stand-up pouches.

From our Earthboard range we offer paper-recyclable salmon boards, which can be used in conjunction with our recyclable RePEat vacuum pouches.

We also offer a range of other recyclable coated boards including cake-boards and cake-collars, patisserie boards and ovenable boards.

We have our twisted-handle paper-grab bags – a sustainable shopping bag – as well as our RePeat recyclable and reusable insulated bags.

Sirane also offers plastic-free tree-shelters – our Earthboard tree-shelters are made from a naturally water-resistant board with additional protective coatings and are designed to last out in the field for many years.

Ultimately, however, they will eventually break down and return to the soil – removing the time-consuming job of collecting them all in.

Sirane will be at Plastic Waste-Free World – which is co-hosted with the Greener Manufacturing Show – in Cologne from November 9-10 – stand 2016.

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