ECO: Plastic-free smoked salmon pack makes Independent’s ‘Christmas’ list

The first plastic-free smoked salmon pack in the UK

SEA Smoked Oak Smoked Salmon, which uses Sirane plastic-free Earthboard as a component of its eco-friendly packaging, has made the Independent’s ‘best smoked salmon you need for Christmas 2020’ list

Sea Smoked uses fish from Wester Ross Salmon and is being supplied by Sea Group, the company that produces Sea Chips, crisps made from salmon skin.

The Indedendent’s editorial describes Sea Smoked’s product as the product as “Fully responsible and sustainable, from sourcing through to production, Sea Smoked is the UK’s first, 100 per cent plastic-free packaged smoked salmon. Taste-wise we found this fish quite dry (in a good way) and certainly not as oily as some we tried. As such we think this will really appeal to those that sometimes complain of smoked salmon’s “slimy” texture.  In addition, 10 per cent of profits go to ocean charities.”

All parts of the packaging – the outer sleeve, bag and board – are recyclable and are also home compostable and biodegradable. The bag, normally made of plastic, is composed of natural products such as eucalyptus fibre and cassava starch.

The board used is Sirane’s new Earthboard Salmon Board– a recyclable, plastic-free and compostable salmon board which we launched earlier this year.

Sirane’s new Earthboard Salmon Board is a water-resistant coated board, designed to do the same job as the tradition silver & gold salmon boards commonly used – but using materials which are more environmentally-friendly.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Congratulations to Sea Smoked for making this prestigious list, it’s great to see their efforts recognised in such a positive way.

“Salmon boards are an integral part of the packaging solution – yet the majority of boards used cannot be recycled because of their construction.

“Our boards perform exactly the same as the gold/silver boards which are widely used, if not better, but with one key advantage – they can be recycled, or industrially composted, they offer a truly sustainable packaging solution.

“Sea Smoked are one of the first companies to use our board, and it’s amazing news that they have put together an entire pack which is free of any plastic.

“And it’s even better news that the Independent has picked up on it.”

Our Earthboard Salmon Boards are available in both standard and custom sizes and in any non-metallic colour. We can also offer random and registered print. Our standard thickness is 830 microns/555gsm, but other grades are available.

Boards are suitable for freezing and thawing – and offer excellent moisture resistance.

Retailing at £4.85, the Sea Smoked salmon will soon go on sale online and at upmarket grocer Booths, which has 28 stores in the north west of England.

Sea Smoked is a new venture from Daniel Pawson and Dominic Smith, who gained wide attention for their Sea Chips product when they pitched it on BBC’s Dragons’ Den programme last year before turning down investment.


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