ENARIS: Could you be a distributor for our medical/healthcare & lab products?


SIRANE is actively searching for distributors interested in taking our medical, healthcare & laboratory product range into new markets overseas.

Products manufactured by Enaris (Sirane’s medical & healthcare brand) include anti-slip disposable absorbent floor mats used in NHS operating theatres, compliant specimen transportation packaging solutions including 95 kPa bags, and products such as spill protection for labs and even absorbent tourniquet limb drapes.

These are products which have the potential to be sold anywhere – and so we’re looking for distributors interested in adding them to existing product ranges.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Enaris MD, said: “We want to hear from companies interested in taking on our products and introducing them to new markets overseas.

“Our recent successful tender to supply the NHS in the UK with our anti-slip absorbent floor mats shows just how much potential some of these products offer. If you’re a distributor who can also see that potential, then we’d love you to make contact.

“Enaris is also a development company, and we will be happy to work with distributors on developing new products using our knowledge and expertise along with theirs, and we’ll also be able to offer many products in bespoke versions.

“Our recent acquisition of B&G Products, a flexible packaging manufacturer, means we can also offer a wide range of bags and pouches, including thermally-insulated, with closures including tamper-evident, so there’s lots of potential.”

Enaris – the new name for Sirane’s medical division – was launched last year to service medical, laboratory, dental, care-home, emergency and veterinary sectors.

It has drawn on Sirane’s expertise in areas including absorbency and material science – as well as from listening to the needs of the market – to create a portfolio of products, many of which are available to buy online from www.enaris.co.uk

The company has a diverse product range, with products also including Cellosene absorbent wadding, saliva absorbers, and DiffX non-chlorine disinfection. Enaris.co.uk is split up into six sectors: medical; lab; dental; care; emergency, and veterinary – to help customers easily find what they need.

For more information on the company or any of the products mentioned above, visit the Enaris website at www.enaris.co.uk. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, please email Sirane’s Marketing Manager – mark.lingard@enaris.co.uk

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