MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE: Our NPD team are waiting for your medical & healthcare product development ideas

MANY of our medical & healthcare products were developed to solve a problem for customers – and new product development is at the heart of Enaris, Sirane Group’s medical & healthcare division.

Take, for example, our anti-slip absorbent floor mats for use in operating theatres – they were developed in conjunction with a top surgeon, who was keen to find a solution to problems caused by fluids with theatres & scrubs areas.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Enaris MD, said: “This was a great example of NPD in action. The problem was there to be solved, fluid on the floor was a safety concern for operating theatre staff, and our job was to find a way of solving this.

“There were some products on the market, but they were not up to the job. Our customer, for example, wanted to be able to put the mat on an already wet floor, not to have to clean and dry the floor before safely putting a mat down.

“At Enaris, we will solve the problem and manufacture the product you actually need, not just make something we want to make because it’s easier.”

Other examples include a thermally-insulated bag for keep items cold during transportation, which needed multiple compartments which could be individually sealed. This was something that our bags and pouches team developed.

We were also asked to develop an absorbent pouch for the safe containment / immobilisation and the subsequent disposal of a cancer relief drug.

Simon Balderson, Sirane Group MD, said: “These are all great examples of products where our in-house expertise has allowed us to develop the perfect solution

“Our development team has a high level of expertise in absorbency and material science, as well as in bag and pouch manufacturing, and we will help you take the product from just the germ of an idea through to full-scale manufacture. As a company, we thrive on problem solving and finding innovative solutions.

“If you’ve a problem within your medical or healthcare setting, or your laboratory, but don’t know how to solve it – or perhaps you know the solution needed but need someone to make it happen – then either way, having a conversation with the development team at Enaris could be the first step to take.

“We can only solve problems that we’re aware of, so if you think we could help, make sure we’re aware, give us a call and have that conversation.”

Enaris is part of the Sirane Group – Sirane’s core skills are founded around material science and design & process engineering which gives us the capability to develop new and better products for the medical & healthcare industry.

• Specialised in absorbent materials
• Specialised in packaging reduction and compostable and recyclable packaging
• Specialised in manufacturing bags and pouches
• At the forefront of current packaging technology
• Specialised in material science

Enaris has drawn on Sirane’s expertise in areas including absorbency and material science – as well as from listening to the needs of the market – to create a portfolio of products, many of which are available to buy online from

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Enaris MD, said: “Enaris is a product development company as well as a manufacturer, and from day one we’ve been happy to talk to customers about developing new products using our knowledge and expertise, and we’re also be able to offer many products in bespoke versions.”

Products manufactured by Enaris include anti-slip disposable absorbent floor mats used in NHS operating theatres, absorbent tourniquet drapes and spill pads, 95 kPa bags, absorbent pouches for specimen transportation and more.

Enaris will be visiting Medica in Dusseldorf next month – if you’re going to be there, and you have a project you’d like to discuss, contact

Alternatively, visit or contact 01952 230055

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