Ethylene absorbency can add extra days to berries

Ethylene absorbency can add additional shelf-life to strawberries

ETHYLENE removal can extend the shelf-life of strawberries – researchers from a top British university have proven – and Sirane’s products could prove the perfect solution.

PhD researchers at Cranfield University showed how a few days additional shelf-life extension can be achieved by using effective ethylene absorbency technology.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sirane’s fruit pads are all offered with ethylene absorbency as an option – which can be vital for the shelf-life of berries of all types.

“Strawberries is the big market, but this also works for raspberries, blackberries etc.

“Our pads have been made so that all the technology is incorporated into one simple pad, which is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and cheaper than other solutions.”

Sirane’s new Dri-fresh Resolve ‘Soft-hold’ pad combines the cushioning and protective properties of bubble films with effective absorbency, high permeability and excellent presentation. Crucially, it can have ethylene absorbency built in to the pad.

“Soft fruit is often transported huge distances,” said Gillian Carter, sales manager for fresh produce, “and so protecting the fruit is vital. The more fruit that arrives at its destination in perfect condition, the better it is for everyone involved in the supply chain.

“Sirane can offer the ultimate protection, bubble protection alongside ethylene absorbency as well as absorbing juices. It is even available with an anti-fungal option if required.

“Soft-hold has been developed with distributors and retailers in mind, with an eye on the needs of the companies involved. Our customers have been telling us they want pads that offer more protection for the fruit, that extend shelf-life, and that are compostable.

“Soft-hold ticks all the boxes, and the feedback so far has been incredibly positive. It combines everything into one great product, with the cushioned layer offering that final level of protection that no other product on the market has managed.”

Dri-Fresh Soft-hold complements the popular Dri-Fresh Resolve pad, which can also be ethylene absorbent, offers a high level of protection and is also 100% compostable.

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