FLEXIBLES: First Bobst Vision CI flexo press in the UK will increase Sirane’s printing capacity

Sirane is adding a second Bobst flexo printing press

SIRANE Group, the largest flexible pouch manufacturer in the UK, has signed a deal for an undisclosed sum with Bobst for installation of the first Vision CI flexo press in the UK– and the only one customised to run Sirane’s water-based print technology.

The installation of the Bobst VISION CI, which should be up and running by the end of February, will significantly increase print capacity at our Telford (UK) site.

It will also offer significant advantages in our drive for increased sustainabililty.

Peter Ralten, chief commercial officer, said: “Sirane’s already the UK’s largest producer of flexible packaging pouches in the UK – and this new printing press from Bobst will allow us to build on that position, and move forwards.”

The new Bobst press is designed to deliver the most efficient performance for printing on all materials – including traditional flexibles – as well as on Sirane’s innovative and recyclable paper-based Earthfilm and recyclable RePEat structures – and Bobst have customised the press to our needs, ensuring it is compatible with our water-based printing and with our innovative Amethyst print technology.

As well as the build quality and performance, the environment was also part of the consideration. The press has a dual technology drying tunnel with the smartHEAT recovery system. The smart Graphic Positioning System, smartGPS is a major innovation in the development of digitalized automation systems for the printing industry and will dramatically reduce the amount of material used during the set-up of a printing job.

The press also has a catwalk on top of the press with a viewing window so the print can be viewed immediately after the printing stations instead of waiting for the print to appear towards the rewinding station.

This smartGPS system and the catwalk viewing window, will together significantly reduce the amount of material wasted while setting up the press to print a job.

Andy Peevor, Sirane print manager said: “After extensive trials it is great to work with Bobst again. The fact they can customise this press to make it run our Amethyst Technology is fantastic. During the latest trial the press exceeded our expectations”.

Amethyst print – named after the site where the Bobst will be housed – is a revolutionary print technology pioneered by Sirane, which allows us to print multiple designs with multiple repeats as part of one print run, and without the need to charge for printing plates.

Peter Ralten added: “When the machine is up and running, I encourage all customers to see it and test the machine’s capabilities. Together with our innovative structures and water-based Amethyst print capabilities we have so much to offer.”

Sirane is an innovative packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency, board and material science as well as flexible packaging

It has four main divisions: food packaging; horticultural; medical & healthcare; and lab supplies & services. The company is based in Telford, UK (3 sites), with additional manufacturing in Guadalajara (Mexico), Hranice (Czech Republic) and Dallas (USA).

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