FOOD PACKAGING: IFFA will offer a chance to meet up and talk meat packaging

IFFA – Europe’s largest trade show for the meat industry – takes place in Frankfurt next week, and Sirane will have a representative at the show.

The show, which runs from May 4th-9th, brings together all the elements of the meat industry, including packaging and machinery – and has more than 1,000 exhibitors.

Sirane manufacturers a range of absorbent pads for meat and poultry, including standard absorbency, odour-absorbency and ovenable absorbent pads – and sales manager Ben Pope will be visiting the show, meeting existing clients – so if you’re at the show, whether an existing contact or new to Sirane – it offers an opportunity to meet up.

Ben Pope, sales manager, added: “We offer absorbent pads in a wide range of colours, sizes, and levels of absorbency, and Sirane will tailor the absorbent pad to your requirements, so that you’re not paying for something that you just don’t need.

“I’ll be at the show on the Tuesday, so if you’d like to meet up, or like me to visit your stand, please get in touch, and I will make sure you’re added to my ‘show diary’.

“We’re also a development company, so we’re constantly looking to help people improve their packaging and solve problems – and in recent years we have significantly expanded our eco-friendly packaging options, including compostable and plastic-free.

“This includes our Earthpads, and our award-winning plastic-free Earthpouch/films.”

Sirane also offers a range of cooking solutions for meat, including nylon materials for roasting, oven/microwave steam-cooking bags, BBQ bags, sous-vide and more.

In addition, Sirane can offer many more products for the meat & poultry trade, such as boneguard (including sticky), absorbent crepe (including shaped & folded), ovenable (& also non-ovenable) dividers for trays, and our new range of protective shank caps.

Ben will be visiting IFFA on Tuesday, May 7th. If you want to arrange an appointment, or make sure he visits your stand, email

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