FOOD PACKAGING: There’s no time like present to look at your food packaging requirements….


THEY say there’s no time like the present. Perhaps, in the middle of a global pandemic, there really has never been a time quite like now. It could also be a good time to assess your food packaging and consider some innovative ideas.

Sirane has always been at the forefront of innovation in the food packaging sector, and we have plenty of recent developments that you may not have discovered yet.

Over the next month, we’ll be looking at a series of them – and introducing you to some great food packaging ideas that may give you food for thought long-term.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sirane’s always been a development company, and we often launch new products, new ideas… and you might have missed them.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be looking at some of the recent developments, some innovative food packaging solutions that you might have missed, and which may work for you in your supply chain. At Sirane there’s always something new…

“In recent years we’ve pioneered plastic-free packaging, we’ve launched a range of self-seal cooking bags, we’ve developed odour-absorbent meat pads and ovenable pads – and our product development team has invariably come up trumps.

“These are just a few ideas, we have susceptor packaging for crisping food in the microwave, thermally-insulated packaging and multi-compartment cooking bags…”

Sirane is an innovative food packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products.
We also recently acquired a UK-based board manufacturer and converter.

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