FOOD PACKAGING: There’s still time for those Christmas orders

Absorbent pads / soaker pads from Sirane Ltd

ABSORBENCY is a key packaging component with many foods, particularly at Christmas.

And Christmas is always a busy time of year for everyone – so if you haven’t already placed your orders, or given us a forecast of your requirements, please do so now.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “As ever, Christmas orders are already flooding in. If you’re looking to order stock for Christmas sales, there’s still time – but it needs to be soon.

“Throughout the food chain, packaging usage increases at Christmas. Whether it is absorbent meat pads or oven-ready absorbent pads, ovenable food dividers or shaped and folded crepe paper, cooking bags for meat, fish or vegetables, Sirane can make sure you’re well supplied – whether it is for standard year-round lines or seasonal lines.

“Whether you’re looking for purely functional food packaging solutions, or something that helps make your product that bit special, Sirane’s product range is a good starting point.

“But if you want it for Christmas 2019, then we need to know about it pretty soon…”

Sirane’s range of absorbent pads for meat, seafood and poultry include standard, oven-ready, compostable and our new pads which come with integrated anti-microbial properties which help extend shelf-life – whatever you’re selling this Christmas, we have an answer.

Whether it is absorbent pads for meat, poultry, fruit, cheese or fish, ovenable pads, fish crate liners or absorbent tray dividers, absorbency forms a large part of our food packaging range.

But where do you start deciding what type of absorbency you need? Well Sirane are the experts, and so we’ve produced a ‘Guide to Absorbency and Absorbent Products’.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Absorbency and absorbent products is one of Sirane’s core strengths, and the company manufactures a wide range of customised absorbent products – and this guide sums up what we can offer, and how, as the customer and the user of the product, you might work out what sort of product you actually need.

“Do you want a fairly straightforward absorbent pad or do you need something more? Do you know how much you want to absorb, and exactly what you need to absorb?

“We can supply all types of absorbency levels and types, including liquid, blood, odour and ethylene – you name it, and we have a solution for absorbing it. We’re always pleased to talk customers through the options, but some people might find this a good starting point.

“For example, our absorbent products can be supplied with integrated odour control and anti-bacterial/anti-microbial or anti-fungal properties where required. We can offer a wide range of sizes, absorbencies and formats, and tailor the products to suit your needs; we can make it compostable… there’s lots of options, so what do you want to achieve?”

Sirane’s absorbent product range also includes ovenable absorbent pads, which provide absorbency during the cooking process which can contribute to a healthier end product. We can also integrate absorbency into products such as ovenable dividers and susceptor.

Simon Balderson said: “If you’re needing absorbency, then Sirane is the market leader. If it can be done, we’re the company to make it happen. Whatever type of food packaging application you’re looking at, give us a chance to help. Whereas most companies are manufacturing operations supplying a range of absorbent products – which of course we can also do from our range of standard absorbent products – Sirane’s NPD team is happy to look at your unique requirements and design and develop an absorbent solution perfect for you and your customers.”

For more information on any absorbent product in the food packaging sector, call Jeremy Haydn-Davies on +44 1952 230055 or email

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