Fresh produce packaging for the world’ at Fruit Logistica

Fresh produce packaging for the world - Sirane

Fresh produce packaging for the world is the message Sirane will send out when a team heads to Berlin for Europe’s largest fresh produce show, Fruit Logistica.

A life-size map of the world – created entirely out of fruit and vegetables – will form the centrepiece of the stand, reinforcing the message that Sirane is thinking global.

Sirane is the already the leading packaging development-to-manufacture company in Europe, with a high level of expertise in areas including shelf-life and absorbency.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Fresh produce packaging for the world is the message we want to get across. It doesn’t matter where you’re based in the world, or what your packaging needs are, Sirane can help. We can help improve fruit or vegetable presentation, extend shelf-life and add significant value to the products.”

Products including fruit pads offering ethylene absorbency and anti-fungal properties will be shown at Fruit Logistica – the Dri-FreshTM absorbent range is aimed at allowing the fruit or vegetables to stay in the best possible condition for the longest possible time.

Also on show will be Sira-FlexTM Resolve® – a film with incredible shelf-life extending properties which has caused a bit of a stir worldwide. The film, also available in a bag format, has been shown to add five days or more additional shelf-life to some fresh produce.

Sira-FlexTM Resolve® is made from a natural bio-polymer – so is fully bio-degradable. The film’s astonishing qualities mean it self-regulates the conditions inside the pack. The perfect atmosphere is maintained inside even if the storage temperature is variable.

The film could lead to far less produce being thrown away by customers and retailers. MD Simon Balderson said: “Shelf-life extension is the holy grail for a large fruit and vegetable industry. A huge amount of produce is wasted because it goes off before it is eaten.

“Using this film could reduce the amount of food waste and significantly reduce costs. We can also make it more likely that the consumer will get a quality product in good condition.”

Mr Balderson said the new technology has broken new ground – food will not dry out, there will be no ‘fogging’ within the pack, and no mould or bacteria growth.

Sirane also produces a range of cooking bags, which are perfect for cooking vegetables or fruit-based desserts in either a conventional oven or a microwave.

These bags include Sira-CookTM Self-SealTM, Smart-Release and the Si-bagTM.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, director of sales for food packaging, said: “We’re finding interest growing in cooking bags globally. The bags are great products, which have so many uses – straight-to oven or microwave food doesn’t have to sacrifice on flavours.

“The cooking bags keep all the flavours, and allow people to cook quickly and easily with fresh ingredients. Healthy eating and fast food can be combined. Whether it is vegetables or fruity desserts, Sirane’s cooking bags will create a sensational meal.”

A brand new product will also get a sneak preview. The new Sirane pad, which will be named Soft-Hold, is perfect for protecting soft fruit during transportation.

The pad effectively creates an ‘absorbent bubble’ around the produce, giving it the best possible chance of staying in a condition good enough for sale to the public. 

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director said: “At Sirane we pride ourselves on innovation, but we are particularly proud of Soft-Hold.

“We’re protecting the fruit from many potential problems – protection against damage, against degredation, against mould. We can even add ethylene absorbency into the mix.”

Fruit Logistica is held in Berlin from February 6th to 8th. Email or call +44 1952 230055 for an appointment. Sirane can be found at in Hall 8.2 at stand B-04.

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