From ‘sea to plate’ proves big draw at seafood expo

PACKAGING solutions ‘from sea to plate’ was the Sirane message at Seafood Global last week – and it was possibly the busiest trade show we’ve ever attended.

Sirane has food packaging ranges that cover the whole seafood journey, from liners and mats for crate of fresh fish, right through to microwaveable ready-cook packaging.

At Seafood Global in Brussels there was a thirst for innovation, and in particular our range of solutions for selling seafood in oven/microwave-ready packaging proved very popular.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Brussels proved to be an incredibly busy show for us, and in particular people seemed interested in ready-to-cook packaging.

“Retailers can add real value to their seafood sales by using intelligent packaging, packaging which allows the customer to take home their fish in a format that is simple to cook. Whether it is oven, microwave, BBQ or even sous-vide, our range has a variety of solutions.

“But retailers aren’t just adding value for their customers; they are also improving their own margins, as the packaging enables them to charge a higher price for their product.

“From sea to plate and everywhere in between… whether you are catching and processing the fish, or selling it as a retailer, Sirane’s range of packaging solutions can make a huge difference, whether to shelf-life, product presentation or even profitability.”

Our two most recent product launches for the seafood industry have been for transporting fresh catches. Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh SP – an absorbent crate liner with excellent wet-strength and which uses no adhesives – and Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mats, mats which can be used to cover live seafood and maintain a steady release of fresh water.

Gillian Carter, Sirane’s sales representative for seafood packaging, said: “These new products have been very much driven by demand within the industry – there is a real need.

“They are very simple solution which can make a real difference to the condition of fish and live seafood when it arrives at its destination – which can have a knock-on effect on price.”

Sirane’s Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh range of absorbent liners – Sea-Fresh SP being the newest addition – quickly and effectively absorbs the melting ice and juices released during transportation. The liquid is absorbed and trapped inside the Sea-Fresh liner to prevent spillage and reduce odour – increasing the saleability of the seafood.

Other recent Sirane innovations including microwave cooking bags, barbecue bags, and nylon that can be flow-wrapped were on show at the Global Seafood Expo.

The Sira-Cook Supreme Bag for BBQs and ovens has been developed by Sirane, Europe’s leading packaging development-to-manufacturing company, in response to feedback from clients suggesting it was something they would really like to see added to the range.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director for food packaging, said: “Our new barbecue bag is brilliant for seafood. The Sira-Cook Supreme bag is also ovenable – which might be a distinct advantage with the unreliable British climate – and allows a product with the sauce to be thrown on the barbecue. It’s a simple solution, offering stunning taste.

“Imagine a retailer being able to sell seafood with a sauce inside a bag that the user will be able to cook directly on a barbecue – that’s what the barbecue bag will offer.

“The bag can simply be folded over by the user, or heat-sealed as a retail pack. This would allow over-the-counter sales of ready-to-barbecue packs which are leak proof.”

The bag is available in a number of sizes – including a large bag big enough to take a whole salmon – and in a standard and non-stick version perfect for seafood. It comes with a clear top panel – so users can see what’s being cooked – and the bag can be heat-sealed.

The barbecue/oven bag is the latest in a line of innovative cooking bag solutions from Sirane – Europe’s leading packaging development-to-manufacture company.

Other recent products include steam cooking bags– an oven or microwave bag which can be sealed over the counter, becoming odour proof and leak proof. The bag steam cooks seafood in its own juices in a matter of minutes, and sauces and glazes can be added. These can be printed and branded, are available in a variety of colours and sizes, and can be self-seal or heat-seal – great ways to add value to over-the-counter seafood sales.

Also available is the Sira-Cook Smart-Release – a dual-compartment bag for microwave cooking, allowing product and sauce to be kept separate. Seals open at fixed temperatures during cooking, allowing for a perfect infusion of seafood and sauce.

A revolutionary new nylon-based bag or film, suitable for the oven or microwave, which can be heat-sealed on a flow-wrapper, was also on show at the Brussels show. Siralon is perfect for packaging whole fish in ovenable packaging, steam bags, sous-vide and much more.

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