FRUIT LOGISTICA: Fresh produce packaging solutions and NPD, chance to meet up

Fruit Logistica in Berlin

SIRANE will once again be visiting Fruit Logistica in Berlin next month with Europe’s largest fresh produce show offering a great opportunity to meet customers old and new.

Last year’s Fruit Logistica saw the launch of a new packaging system for fresh produce by a company Sirane has been working in partnership with. Life+ was formally unveiled by Ilip on the Fruit Logistica Tech Stage during a presentation by the company’s R&D manager.

Karl Heggarty, Sirane sales manager for fresh produce packaging, said: “Over the years Sirane has always either exhibited at Fruit Logistica or visited. It’s a great show, and I’ll be visiting again this year – so if you’d like to meet up, do get in touch.

“There’s plenty to talk about – including Life+ which Sirane is heavily involved in, as well as number of other products including a range of different absorbent fruit pads, shelf-life extending bags and films, and even cooking bags for selling vegetables in.

“Life+ offers shelf-life extension by combining various elements into one complete packaging solution, including the anti-mist punnet tray, packaging films and absorbent technology.

“We offer the absorbency, with options including anti-bacterial and ethylene absorbency, both of which can have a positive impact on the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits.

“During recent independently-run trials, portions of cut fruit – apples, pineapples, kiwi and melon – was receiving an additional two to four days shelf-life using Life+ when compared with standard tray and films, which would make a huge difference to retailers.”

The trials were run by the University of Turin, and commissioned by Ilip.

Karl added: “This particular trial was run using anti-bacterial fruit pads in the Life+ system. The report concluded that Life+ creates a micro-atmosphere in the pack, regulating the respiration rates of the fruits, and that it helps maintain the fruit’s texture.

“It also adds that Life+ reduces drip and subsequent microbial contamination, and also that the Life+ packaging system helps the fruit maintain a higher vitamin C content.”

In 2017 Life+ was awarded the prestigious gold award at Macfrut – a popular international produce exhibition show which was held in Rimini, Italy. The Macfrut gold medal, awarded by the L’Informatore Agrario and Cesena Fiera, is awarded by a jury of industry

Anti-microbial absorbent fruit pad technology was Sirane’s major product launch at Fruit Logistica two years ago – but we’ll also have plenty more to talk about at the Berlin show.

But with a range of other fruit & vegetable packaging solutions – including breathable packaging films, ethylene-absorbent labels and absorbent crepe packaging – as well as Sirane Mexico and the Life+ system, there’s plenty of reasons to meet up.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Our ABV technology has got plenty of attention over the last few years – and rightly so as it is a terrific step-forward in anti-microbial packaging. However, we’ll have plenty more to talk to any interested companies about, including absorbent pads and breathable and compostable films.

“We’ve got a wide range of absorbent pads suitable for all kinds of fruit and fulfilling all kinds of requirements, including cushioned pads and ethylene absorbent pads.

“ABV is a technology which is added to our absorbent pads, and releases anti-bacterials into the pack, extending shelf-life. It uses a combination of natural bioflavonoids and acids to help extend shelf-life, and is particularly good for berries and other delicate fruits.

“We’ve also got a great range of cooking bag solutions – perfect for adding value to sales of fresh vegetables. Fresh veg can be sold in a ready-to-cook format where the food is steam-cooked in the oven or microwave, and the guess-work is removed from cooking times.

“And don’t forget, Sirane is a packaging development company, so if you’re interested in finding a solution to a particular problem in your supply chain, and you think we might be able to help, this could be a good opportunity to find out more about Sirane.”

Fruit Logistica takes place in the German capital from February 6-8, 2018.

For more information on any Sirane fresh produce packaging solution, or to make an appointment to meet in Berlin, email or call 01952 230055.

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