Fruit packaging under the microscope at Fruit Focus

Heading to Fruit Focus? Well make sure you head to the Sirane stand (stand number 74). We’ll be at the show in Kent on Wednesday, July 25th and will show off a number of products including Sira-Flex Resolve – shelf-life extending films and bags – and an entirely new product, Soft-Hold.

Sira-Flex Resolve has created a bit of a stir worldwide – and a number of companies have been undertaking their own trials, the results of which are revealing impressive shelf-life extension. Soft-Hold is an entirely new product which will be revealed at Fruit Focus. It combines absorbency with cushioning, and is truly an astonishing innovation. If you’re in the fruit trade, make sure you take the time to take a look at both products.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “It has been a very exciting few months in the fruit and fresh produce sector at Sirane. Sira-Flex™ Resolve™ caused a real buzz when we first revealed its shelf-life extending capabilities. The results of many trials undertaken by potential clients are starting to come in, and they are showing that the product is every bit as good as we thought – it truly is a remarkable film.

“However, our new product – Soft-Hold – will be just as noteworthy. We’ve finally managed it – absorbency and cushioning in the same product.  Remember, Sirane is a packaging design and development-to-manufacture company. If you are having problems with packaging we may well be able to help.”

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