Great show in Moscow for Sirane Russia team

ROSUPACK 2015 held in Moscow earlier this month is the leading Russian food packaging exhibition and the Sirane Russia team were present, displaying the growing range of food packaging solutions.

Darrell Braid, Sirane Russia’s co-director, said: “Despite background difficulties in the Russian political/economic situation, the food sector is very buoyant and if anything has been stimulated by the current situation.

“A large number of visitors were welcomed to the stand during the four days of the exhibition .

“There was continued great interest in the range of absorbent food pads offered from both new and existing customers. The interest was across many sectors, including meat, seafood and poultry.

“Additionally Siralon nylon bags for freezing/roasting and the range of cook-in bags evoked strong interest, as did many other Sirane solutions from the susceptor boards for crisping food products in microwave ovens to the solutions for presenting and packaging fish.”

With the vast distances involved in transporting products around Russia, Sirane products for shelf life extension also proved of great interest to the market. These include absorbent pads, pads with integrated odour and/or ethylene control, anti-bacterial pads, breathable films for fruit and vegetables and more.

The Sirane Russia team was pleased not only to receive a number of very good orders as a direct result of the excellent show, but also a large number of leads to follow up.

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