HEALTHCARE: Anti-slip absorbent floor mats – buy direct from Sirane

Anti-slip absorbent floor mat

ANTI-slip absorbent floor mats are available to purchase directly from Sirane.

These disposable mats are both highly effective and cost-effective at the same time – with a range of different options of offer.

Anish Miah, sales manager, medical & healthcare, said: “Sirane’s floor mats are a fantastic product, which improve safety anywhere fluid is an issue, and we’ve had some amazing feedback from hospitals using the mats.”

An economical and effective way of keeping floors clean, dry and slip-free… our absorbent floor mats are ideal for use in operating room procedures; in maternity wards; in scrub areas; in emergency room areas, and in laboratories. They don’t expand or swell, and once wet the product holds to the surface… moreover, they can be used on already-wet surfaces.

“The mats have two distinct sides – one is highly absorbent, the reverse is a perforated anti-slip surface which holds to the floor through a capillary action,” added Anish Miah, “and because it holds in place, the user can stand safely directly on the mat, unlike many other similar solutions.

“They also offer an anti-fatigue element if used for sustained periods of time.”

We can offer the following products as standard

  • 3L absorbent floor mat, 58cm x 50cm, white/blue (VWL314)
  • 3L absorbent floor mat, 58cm x 100cm, white/blue (VWL313)
  • 3L absorbent floor mat, 30.5m roll, white/blue (VWL311)
  • 5L absorbent floor mat, 84cm x 102cm, white/orange (VWL312)
  • 5L absorbent floor mat, 30.5m roll, white/orange (VWL315)

The absorbency (3L or 5L) is per metre squared.

Some key points are

  • Reduces risk of slipping on wet floors
  • Reduces the risks of cross-infection
  • Each mat can hold a large amount of fluid
  • Anti-slip and will not expand or swell
  • Can be used safely in wet & dry areas
  • Eliminates time-consuming clean-up
  • Quick delivery from stock
  • Users can stand directly on the mat

Sirane is a manufacturing, design and product-development company which is based in Telford, Shropshire (where we have three manufacturing sites), and is Europe’s market leader in absorbent products.

We also have manufacturing in the Czech Republic & Mexico.

To find out more about anti-slip absorbent floor mats or request samples, email or call +44 1952 230055.

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