HEDGING: Eco-friendly hedgerow guards added in time for National Hedgerow Week

Plastic-free, recyclable hedgrow-guards

THIS week is National Hedgerow Week – the perfect time to introduce our new sustainable protection for young hedging plants, the Hedgerow-Guard.

The UK alone has between 400 and 500,000 miles of hedgerows – more than it does roads – and many miles of additional/replacement hedging is planted every year.

Hedgerow-Guard is a plastic-free, recyclable protective guard for the young hedging plants, which are at their most vulnerable in the first few years of life.

Ross Griffin, director of board products, said: “Plastic spirals are other similar products have been used for many years to protect young hedging plants, and there really is no need to be using plastic for this purpose.

“The Hedgerow-Guard is plastic-free, made from a water-resistant coated board, and it will survive many years in the wild if needed, whatever the weather throws at it.

“They are quick and easy to assemble – supplied flat-pack, they just pop into place.”

Hedgerow-Guards are supplied green as standard – but could be supplied in other colours, or even custom printed, subject to minimum order quantities.

Standard sizes available are 45x5x5, 60x5x5 and 75x5x5.

Sirane developed the eco tree-shelter as a sustainable, recyclable , biodegradable alternative to the plastic-guards commonly used to protect young trees – and the hedgerow-guard has built on the experience gained developing the shelter and expand the range.

Our Earthboard tree-shelters use a unique water-resistant board, which is additionally coated to give all the properties required to last outside for many years.

Like the Hedgerow-Guard, the tree-shelters don’t actually need to be collected in, if left in situ after a number of years they will eventually biodegrade.

Standard sizes are 60x10x10, 75x10x10, 120x10x10, and 150x10x10. We also offer shrub guards – 60x15x15 (also used for some faster-growing trees).

Sirane is an innovative packaging development company with divisions in horticulture, food packaging, medical & healthcare and industrial. We have expertise in board (including eco-friendly), absorbency and bags, pouches and films.

National Hedgerow Week runs from May 8-May 14. More information here.

For more information, email Corissa Haycock at corissa.haycock@sirane.com or visit our dedicated eco tree-shelters website which is www.ecotreeshelters.com

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