IPM Essen: Sirane at Europe’s largest horticultural show later this month

IPM Essen - Sirane will be paying a visit

SIRANE is heading for IPM Essen in Germany later this month – Europe’s largest horticultural trade show – where we’ve partnered up with a UK trade association.

Information on our packaging solutions will be available on the UK Pavilion organised by the Commercial Horticultural Association, and we will also have staff on site for two of the show’s three days – offering the chance to meet up if required.

Sirane’s horticultural division offers products such as compostable plant pots, absorbent water-retaining flower pouches, and compostable flower wrap.

Mark Lingard, Marketing Manager, said: “We’re hoping to really develop our horticultural range during 2019, and IPM Essen seemed a good place to start. With 54,000 visitors and more than 1,500 exhibitors, it’s always a busy show

“Eco-friendly packaging is currently a big driver in the market, and that’s where companies like Sirane can really come into their own. We already have a range of compostable products, including plant pots, flower pouches and flower-wraps.

“We’re also a development company, so if the product needed is not there yet – or is slightly different to an existing product – let us know, we may well be able to help.

“We’d also be happy to talk about the Earthpouch range – plastic-free packaging solutions which are easily recyclable as part of the paper stream, and come with barrier and high barrier alternatives – these pouches and films could be ‘green’ solutions for anyone packing seeds, bulbs, fertilisers, plant food etc.

“I’ll be at IPM Essen on January 22nd and 23rd along with Karl Heggarty, our sales manager for the horticultural division, so if you want to make an appointment to meet up, or request we visit your stand, please do get in touch.”

Issues surrounding the recycling of plant pots hit the news recently – but Sirane can offer a solution that solves the issue easily… compostable plant pots.

A recent survey by Horticulture Week revealed that 87% of the UK’s local authorities questioned do not recycle plant pots – meaning millions end up in landfill.

And with changes to packaging laws also coming into effect in Germany earlier this month which could significantly affect the commercial viability of plastic plant pots, there may well be serious interest in products offering a genuine alternative.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sirane’s compostable plant pot range is a great alternative to plastic – and of course removes the issue over the question of recycling the pot, the whole thing can just be planted in the ground. Whether it is the UK or Germany, it is fundamentally the same questions being asked here…

“Is there an alternative to plastic plant pots? Well yes, there is, and not only that but they have a positive effect on the plants that are planted within them.

“As the walls of the compostable plant pot will store and hold some water, the pots will actually help and protect the plants during the first few weeks. They also help protect plants from root damage, as the roots needn’t be disturbed.

“We can make in a range of different sizes, and we will soon be releasing retail packs to the market, which will be sold under our popular Sow & Grow brand.

“And if you’re looking to remove plastic elsewhere in the supply chain, then the Earthpouch may well be another product that you need to discover…”

The Sow & Grow compostable plant pots form part of our Earth Packaging range – a range of products which are all either compostable, sustainable or easily recyclable.

Also in the Earth Packaging range is Earthfilm Resolve, a bio-polymer film made from a sustainable source which is 100% compostable, and can be used as a flower-wrap, and Earthpack Resolve, compostable water-retaining flower pouches.

In addition, we can offer Earthmats Resolve, a natural growing media suitable for cress, herbs, mustard etc, and which is an effective replacement for peat.

IPM Essen runs from January 22-25, and the Commercial Horticultural Association stand can be found on the UK Pavilion in Hall 7, booth A24.e.

For more information or appointments/visit requests, contact Karl Heggarty on 01952 230055 or email either karl.heggarty@sirane.com or mark.lingard@sirane.com

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