It’s never too early to place your Christmas food packaging orders…

Ovenable dividers can be useful for Christmas food packaging

CHRISTMAS tends to be a busy time of the year for food producers & retailers, and with increased sales comes increased packaging requirements. From nylon packaging for turkeys to oven-ready food dividers, Sirane has the answers – and it’s never too early to order.

Nylon roasting bags, salmon boards with a festive design, oven-ready dividers for pigs in blankets and other side dishes; our varied range of food packaging solutions will help give customers a stress-free Christmas – and help your products stand out on the shelves.

For some customers it might just be our absorbent meat pad range – and they just need a lot more than normal; or different shapes and sizes to suit the festive product range.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “As ever, Christmas orders are already starting to come in – even though we’ve not even had the summer holidays yet – and to be honest it’s never too early to place your orders or start thinking about your requirements.

“Throughout the food chain, packaging usage increases at Christmas. Whether it is absorbent meat pads or oven-ready absorbent pads, sticky boneguard or shaped and folded crepe paper, cooking bags for meat, fish or vegetables, Sirane can make sure you’re well supplied – whether it is for standard year-round lines or seasonal lines.”

Sirane’s range of absorbent pads for meat, seafood and poultry include standard, oven-ready, compostable and our new pads which come with integrated anti-microbial properties which help extend shelf-life – whatever you’re selling this Christmas, we have an answer.

Of course, for many people Christmas is about turkey and the trimmings – and one of our products, Siralon, can be a fabulous way to make cooking Christmas dinner easy.

Sirane’s new Sira-CookTM Siralon is a unique nylon packaging solution for meat, fish and poultry which allows food to be packed, shipped, retailed and cooked in the same package. The material absorbs the fat released during cooking, ensuring crisp, clean food.

Not only that, but the material can be run down a flow-wrap machine – a first for nylon.

Retailers could flow-wrap the turkey, pre-pack the birds into nylon bags using ties, pack for the customer into bags, or even simply sell the customer our bags in retail packs.

“Turkey flow-wrapped in Siralon could prove to be the ultimate Christmas present for many consumers, particularly the less confident cooks out there. They’d simply need to pierce the bag, place it in the oven, and let it cook. They don’t even need to touch it until it is ready.

“Whether it is a large processor looking to flow-wrap thousands of turkeys, or a butcher or farm-shop happy to bag their own turkeys, Siralon could be the answer.”

Cooking poultry in a nylon roasting bag can reduce cooking times significantly, stops the meat drying out and crisps the bird beautifully – without the bag sticking to the skin.

Not selling turkey? Sira-CookTM Siralon can be used just as effectively for other joints of meat – including beef, lamb and pork – or for roasting whole fish such as salmon or trout.

Sirane also has other oven-ready solutions for turkey and other joints of meat or seafood for customers who prefer a more traditional foil-based packaging solution.

Sira-CookTM Supreme is simple to use, simple to open, cooks food to perfection – and can be used in almost any cooking environment, from ovens to barbecues, griddles to hot plates. Bags can be made in many sizes, including large enough to cook a whole turkey. It’s also great for other potential ‘Christmas dinners’, such as whole salmon or trout.

Mr Balderson said: “Our new Sira-CookTM Supreme cooking bag has so many potential uses – and offers numerous advantages to users. The food will be tender, retain all the juices and flavours as well as the goodness, and could be sold over the counter in the pack.

“For the customer there would be no mess, no smell, and no need to handle the food. The bag can be heat-sealed or folded over, and add genuine value to retail food sales.”

The bag is available in a number of sizes and in a standard and non-stick version. It comes with a clear top panel – so users can see what’s being cooked – and can be heat-sealed.

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specialises in areas including absorbency and oven-ready/microwaveable products, compostable packaging, films, boards, absorbent pads, and much more.

Turkey’s far from the only food sold over the Christmas period, and there’s many more products sold which could benefit from a packaging solution supplied by Sirane, especially companies looking to present food well, but in a format which is easy to cook.

“We’ve a range of oven-ready and microwaveable solutions, as well as products aimed more at food presentation. Christmas dinners come with lots of extras – pigs in blankets and the like – which can also be sold and cooked in our range of oven-ready dividers.

“We can make ovenable dividers and trays customised to suit your product, with integrated absorbency if required. We’ve also a range of non-ovenable dividers.

“Or you may be looking for siliconised or greaseproof paper for festive snacks”, said Mr Haydn-Davies, “or shelf-life-enhancing deli bags to sell festive snacks over the counter.

“Whether it is quality absorbent pads made to a specific shape, a festive printed salmon board or boneguard for meat protection, then Sirane could be the solution you need.”

For more information on these products, visit or call +44 01952 230055.

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