FRUIT PACKAGING: Life+ packaging system for fresh produce wins gold award at Macfrut

Life+ packaging system for fresh produce

AN innovative fruit packaging solution which uses shelf-life extending technology from Sirane was awarded a prestigious gold award at the recent Macfrut show in Italy.

Sirane has been working alongside Italian firm Ilip in creating a complete packaging system – Life+ – which was unveiled at Fruit Logistica in Berlin at the start of the year.

Karl Heggarty, Sirane sales manager for fresh produce packaging, said: “Life+ offers shelf-life extension by combining various elements into one complete packaging solution, including the anti-mist punnet tray, packaging films and absorbent technology.

“We offer the absorbency, with options including anti-bacterial and ethylene absorbency, both of which can have a positive impact on the shelf-life of soft and delicate fruits.

“Macfrut capped a busy few months for the team behind the Life+ project, as since the turn of the year they’ve also been to Fruit Logistica in Berlin and Berry Congress in Rotterdam.

“This award shows how good the product is, and is well deserved by the Ilip team.”

Macfrut, a popular international produce exhibition show, was held in Rimini, Italy, from May 10-12. The Macfrut gold medal, awarded by the L’Informatore Agrario and Cesena Fiera, is awarded by a jury of industry experts for the most significant technical innovations in terms of environmental and economic sustainability and improvement in product quality.

Roberto Zanichelli, Ilip sales and marketing director, said: ““Life+ has been gathering substantial positive reactions from our partners and from the sector in general.

“This is proof of the impact our project will have on product shelf life and on the maintenance of freshness when it comes to delicate products, such as berries, strawberries, cherry-tomatoes and grapes, on which tests have been very successful.”

Sirane manufactures a range of fruit packaging solutions, including absorbent pads, cushioned fruit pads, anti-microbial pads and pads with ethylene absorbency.

We also offer a range of shelf-life extending breathable bags and films.

Sirane also opened additional manufacturing recently in Guadalajara, Mexico, in the heart of the country’s berry growing region – meaning growers can work with a local supplier.

For more information, call Sirane on +44 1952 230055 or email

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