M7 Pouch Machines – Overview

Pouch-filling line from Sirane - the M7

  Pouch-filling line from Sirane - the M7

OVERVIEW: The Sirane Pouch Machine has the versatility to work with many different styles of pre-made pouches. Bags are loaded on into the cartridge and are transferred to the filling area using vacuum cups and a guided air cylinders. Sensors assure that the pouch is in position and it is properly opened. A Transition Chute is inserted to prevent product spillage and protect the seal area. After filling, the pouch is sealed and released.

POUCH LOADING: The process starts with up to 300 empty pouches being placed into the adjustable cartridge. Bags can be loaded while the machine is in operation.

POUCH OPENING: Pouches are individually removed from the cartridge with a unique combination of vacuum and pneumatic actuators. They are rotated to the fill area and opened.

POUCH DETECTION: Multiple bag detection switches are used at various points in the cycle to ensure correct bag placement and full bag opening. Should a reject bag be detected it is ejected from the machine and the process continues. Rejected bags can be inspected by the operator and re-used if good.

INTEGRATION CHUTE: Doubling as a timing bucket, the product enters the transition chute while the bag is being opened below. Upon pouch detection the chute enters the bag and opens its gate. Product is dispensed immediately, without spillage and protecting the seal from contamination. Difficult product that easily bridges is dispensed into the pouch directly from the filler through the “open gate”.

FILLING: During filling, pouches are held in place with our “posi-hold” gripper system. This allows for heavyweights and shock loads without disturbing bag position. Once filled the pouch is pulled tight for sealing.

SEALING: Digitally controlled, the ribbed or flat constant heat seal bars give an integral attractive seal. Pouches are sealed “in place” eliminating wrinkles, folded comers and non-aligned seals. Impulse sealing is also available.

ADJUSTMENT: Our quick adjustment system makes work much easier and allows you to save time. It enables you to change bag sizes in a matter of minutes and to reproduce this setting whenever needed. This is the perfect solution when you have multiple pouches to run, as you can save up to 50 recipes on the touchscreen.

START-UP: After training your operators and maintenance staff will be able to set up, change bag sizes, monitor maintain and troubleshoot. Our service technicians will help integrate your exiting fillers and set up the full system.

OPERATION & MAINTENANCE: Easy to operate and maintain. With 12 years of experience, design changes have allowed us to lessen the routine maintenance to a basic minimum and simplify the operation of the equipment so that most of the upkeep will be done with a minimal skill level.

SERVICE CENTERS & TECHNICIANS: With service centres and technicians around the world, they will be there should you need them. With RMC, full Phone and video support, plus our trained technicians and locally available parts, you’re guaranteed maximum uptime.

RMC (Remote Machine Control}: With our state-of-the-art remote access computing system, capable of controlling your Sirane Pouch Machine no matter where you are in the world*, upgrades, monitoring and troubleshooting are done smoothly. Add the included video conferencing between your staff and our engineers and it’s like having a technician on the payroll.

PERSONALIZED WEBSITE: Each Sirane Pouch Machine is equipped with its own QR code linked to a personalised website – a perfect solution when you have multiple pouches to run. Save up to 50 recipes on the touchscreen to your machine. It contains “how to” videos, digital manual, programs etc. Simply scan the QR code on the panel and you will be taken to the site.

PARTS: We use only Premier brand name parts that are locally available. No proprietary parts or part numbers.

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