MEXICO: Sirane Mexico doubling in size as demand for absorbent packaging grows in the region

SIRANE’S Mexico factory is set to double in size as we move to a new site, allowing us to keep pace with manufacturing demand – as well as increase the products on offer.

We first opened our 1,700-square-metre factory in the heart of the Mexican berry-growing region in January 2016 – but such has been the demand for absorbent products from the region that we’re now moving to a 3,700 square metre site in the summer.

Sirane Mexico is based in Guadalajara, close to the major berry growing regions and the headquarters of many major growers, and initially on absorbent fruit pads – with the market for berries in particular and soft-fruit in general the initial target.

However, the expansion will see the Mexico team also focus on other areas, including packaging for meat and fish, as well as susceptor for crisping food effectively in a microwave.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sirane Mexico was a major step for the company – and it’s proved very successful. To keep on growing the business out there, we need more manufacturing and warehouse space, and the new site gives us that.

“Part of the expansion plans for Mexico will see additional machinery built in Telford, and shipped over to Guadalajara, increasing output and increasing capabilities. The new factory is scheduled to open in August, with the machinery to follow shortly after.

“People often ask us why Mexico? Well Mexico was always the perfect place for Sirane to begin manufacturing – and our optimism has proven well-founded. In soft-fruit terms, it is one of the world’s major producers, but geographically it is also quite a distance from many of its major export markets, making packaging important.

“This means shelf-life matters to the Mexican growers, and they understand its importance. They are very experienced and highly educated in this area, so it fits perfectly for us. The Mexican fruit export market has grown significantly in recent years following investment.

“By manufacturing in the country, Sirane has been able to offer better service and better technology than before, whilst also gaining from local knowledge and expertise. The transport links have connected us with major markets in Central and North America.

“But of course, there’s more to Mexico than just fruit, and our absorbent products are perfect for meat and seafood. Increased capacity and increased capabilities will allow us to focus on these sectors also, where there is significant scope for developing business.”

Mexico’s soft-fruit industry is one of the largest in the world. Its temperature, height above sea-level and rainfall make growing conditions ideal. Vast quantities of fruit including strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are exported to Europe, North America and even the Far East – making packaging vitally important.

The berry market has proved lucrative, but Sirane Mexico is now looking at other markets, including tomatoes and figs – and the new machinery currently under construction in the UK will allow Sirane Mexico to offer the absorbency needed by these markets.

Other regions of North, South and Central America are also significant exporters of fruit, and so Sirane Mexico will be in a good location to supply demand across the entire region – a demand driven by a worldwide demand for berries 365 days a year.

Sirane’s susceptor technology will also be a focus – microwave susceptor allows food to be crisped effectively and quickly in a microwave oven. The popularity of microwave cooking in the region means that our susceptor packaging has a lot of potential.

“We’re taking inquiries from all around the region,” said Maricarmen Espinoza, general manager of Sirane Mexico, “and there’s real scope for us to expand out business not just in Mexico, but across the wider region, including Central and South America.

“Our ability to manufacture to order, customise absorbency and deliver quickly, when fruit is ready, has proven very attractive – and we’re now an established supplier in the region. This increased capacity and capability will really allow us to push on and grow.

“We get plenty of interest in microwave susceptor – microwaves are very popular in this part of the world, and the ready-meals/snack food market has exploded in recent years.”

Sirane offers a range of absorbent pads for fruit, meat and seafood, including standard absorbency, absorbent ‘cushioned ‘Soft-Hold bubble pads, and anti-bacterial pads. We also offer pads with odour absorbency incorporated, and absorbent fish-crate liners.

Susceptor is offered in a variety of formats, and is perfect for items such as paninis, sausage rolls, burger buns etc which can be crisped up without going soggy.

Maricarmen added: “Sirane has a wide range of absorbent products perfect for all types of fruit packaging, not just berries. The correct packaging can make a real difference to shelf-life, and in a region like ours, where much of the produce is exported, that matters.

“It’s great to see Sirane’s name becoming more and more well known, and synonymous with effective shelf-life extension, local manufacturing and great customer service.”

Sirane’s Mexico team will be exhibiting at Aneberries in Guadalajara, from July 31-August 2, and at Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato in Irapuato from November 12-15.

To contact Sirane Mexico, email Maricarmen Espinoza Pena at or call +521 33 1942 9646.

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