Mixed Food Community: Sirane MD main speaker at seminar on restaurants, catering and food service

SIRANE’S food packaging solutions for restaurants, catering and food service will be the focus of a seminar in London next week organised by the Mixed Food Community.

Sirane MD Simon Balderson will be the main speaker at the free event which will focus on anti-microbial products, packaging for hot food, cook-in bags, vacuum bags and sous-vide.

Simon said: “The Mixed Food Community invited me to speak at this event, and they are inviting senior managers from within the restaurant and catering trade.

“Packaging has a huge part to play in this sector, just as it does is other parts of the food chain, particularly in relation to shelf-life extension and ready-cook packaging.”

The seminar has been organised by The Mixed Food Community, a new organisation which organises seminars, talks, debates, conferences and trade shows with the objective of providing extensive support to food business. Visit www.mixedfoods.com for details.

The seminar will take place on Monday, May 8 and Centralpoint, 45 Beech Street, London, EC2Y 8AD. Registration is free, and can at the Eventbrite website – click here.

Cooking bags offered by Sirane include our Sira-Cook Supreme bags for oven or BBQ, and a new addition was recently added to the options – creating ‘bags of flavour’. The new addition uses a blend of kilned beech mixed with frozen herbs and spices, which are placed in a sachet and slipped below the bag’s siliconized layer.

We also offer steam-cooking bags for oven/microwave use, nylon roasting bags and films, sous-vide bags including bags which can be subsequently oven-roasted in the same packaging, baking bags for par-baked bread, vacuum bags and more.

Sirane also offers a range of nylon pan liners to fit all the common Gastronorm sizes.

Simon will also discuss our absorbent packaging range, which includes a wide range of absorbent pads with a range of uses, and which includes anti-microbial pads.

Sirane is the European market leader in innovative food packaging development-to-manufacture, and are experts in areas including oven and microwave-ready packaging, absorbency, shelf-life extension, crisping products in a microwave, and more.

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