NEW: Recyclable thermally-insulated liners added to packaging range

Thermally-insulated packaging liners

SIRANE’S thermally-insulated materials keep chilled food cold – and hot food hot – and we’ve recently added liners to our already popular range of bags.

An increase in enquiries for a recyclable insulated liner solution has seen Sirane develop a product which is more environmentally friendly than alternatives on the market.

The liner has been developed by B&G Products – acquired by the Sirane Group earlier this year – and has a wide-range of potential uses, including online food retailers.

Peter Ralten, of B&G Products, said: “We were asked to find a solution that was fully recyclable, and this uses only components that are PE based, so is exactly that.

“We can even incorporate anti-bacterial technology into the liners, and also offer a version where 40% of the material is replaced with a sea-shell-based product and recycled materials.

“In addition, we can vary the amount of insulation to ensure optimum performance.”

The liners are a development/extension based on our thermally-insulated bag range, and like the thermally-insulated bags they are available with custom printing or plain. We can make a range of sizes and styles to fit a whole range of potential applications.

Used by supermarket shoppers and small independent food outlets alike, they are a reusable bag ideal for transporting fresh good home, delivery services, marketing and promotion – with many people opting for their own bespoke ‘branded’ bag.

Sirane’s insulated bags come with a unique handle designed to make the bags comfortable for the consumer to carry – they’re the bag your customers will reach for…

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Whether you’re a supermarket or a farm-shop, selling fresh meat or hot-food, insulated bags could be the answer. We can custom-brand or supply with generic print, and digitally printing allows for shorter print runs.

“Our anti-bacterial option can also protect customers long-term against harmful bacteria.”

The ‘danger zone’ for food is between 15OC and 50OC, during which rapid microbial growth takes place – and keeping food away from this temperature zone can prevent food-borne illnesses. However, re-usable bags themselves can also become carriers of harmful bacteria, so an integrated anti-bacterial technology protects against bacteria build-up.

Active anti-bacterial properties (from Biomaster) are built into the insulated bags during the manufacturing process, so the protection will last for as long as the bag does…

The same anti-bacterial properties could be incorporated into thermally-insulated liners.

Both off-the-shelf and custom-printed versions of the bag are available, and there 

are a range of potential sizes offered, including bags small enough to be lunch-bags.

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specialises in areas including absorbency and ovenable/microwaveable products, compostable packaging, films, boards, absorbent pads, and much more.

For more information thermally-insulated liners/bags, or any product in our food packaging range, contact Jeremy Haydn-Davies on +44 1952 230055 or email

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